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German “Feldflasche 1931” (Identifying Finds, Photos+)

When detecting WW2 artifacts, one of the most frequent findings beside bullets can be German field flasks. And now we will discuss the most common German canteens that you will find from World War II. Of the many canteens which can occur when detecting a ww2 battlefield is the early-war model. This model, the 1931 German “Feldflasche 1931”, was used in all parts of the war, from the beginning to the end in May...


German WW2 “Essbesteck” (Identifying finds)

The dream of every novice detectorist who looks for ww2 relics is to find a German folding “fork & spoon”. This item is, as the name says, a fork and a spoon, riveted together. It is quite compact, and therefore good for carrying in your pocket. It is very comfortable to use. I often use it myself when out on a trip. The Germans produced them in three metals –...


Walther in amazing condition found in the woods! (+photos)

I have found a lot of interesting relics in the woods. I have found some guns, but only in a barley recognizable condition! I remember the Luger found. Basically a piece of rust and nothing more.Maybe im just digging in the wrong dirt? Who knows. But some of the other peoples finds are just amazing, an a joy to watch! One lucky detectorist once found two guns during two trips, and both...


German “Messerschmitt” raised from a fjord in Norway

On march 24th 1943, a German pilot named Günther Seraphim of the JG 5, suddenly experienced engine failure on his Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-2 “Yellow 3”. The circumstances forced him to make an emergency landing in the water near the Norwegian coast, near the town Rørvik. There, he was rescued from the water by a Norwegian named Olette Blikø and her 16-year-old son, Birger. The plane crashed into the water with its nose...

When detectorists found US Soldier and his photo camera of WW2 era (result and photos!+) 0

When detectorists found US Soldier and his photo camera of WW2 era (result and photos!+)

There was a very interesting operation during the Second World War – the Ardennes offensive of the German troops. It started in middle of December 1944 and ended in the end of January 1945. The idea itself was not bad – a swift blow to crush the armies of Great Britain and the United States in the Netherlands and Belgium, thereby forcing the Western Allies to go to a separate...


Diggin’ SS division ‘Nord’ in North Karelia (photos+)

Here is another motivation post for WW2 battlefield in North Karelia (East front). Looks like really nice place for WW2 relics hunting. Enjoy! Rusty German helmets, canteens, bayonets, carbines, etc., right from the lost bunkers and trenches. AT mines’ ‘Tellermine’ holders were collected together by the Germans and left as it was… WW2 relics in the forest… Abandoned many years ago German bunker.   More related posts can be found...


Amazing WW2 treasure! (video+)

In case you havent seen it yet, here is a video from last year where a lucky guy finds an incredible treasure! Among a lot of other cool items he finds a german “Verbandskasten”, which is a medkit from World War 2. Enjoy the video! What an amazing find! The guys who found it are very lucky people:) Want to see more War relic finds? You will find it here! 


Exploring German WW2 Bunkers (+photos, finds and video!)

When I first started metal detecting I was thinking about places to detect, so I asked some locals that has lived here a long time. I got a lot of good suggestions, and a veteran told me about a place near the beach where there used to be multiple German bunkers and positions. I had heard that there might have been German positions some place around there by other people,...


Amazing WW1 german helmets find in France (photos+)

Great news from France! Lot of German camo helmets (mostly M16 type) found in France. Really awesome find! Except helmets there were some gas masks, containers for gas masks and canteens. All refer to WW1 German army. Awesome condition for such items left in ground for more than 100 years! Take a look at these photos! Tell us about Your WW1 finds! More war relics finds here !

Bolshoy Tyuters island WW2 finds artillery wehrmacht relics german nazi world war two 12

Bolshoy Tyuters Abandoned Island – Full Of WW2 Wehrmacht Relics!

A lot of my friends always say things like: “there are no places left for metal detecting, soon we will only be detecting at some local parks and beaches!”. However, I am sure that, at least in Europe, we have plenty of places full of history, and we will need more than 500 years to search it all with metal detectors. We will even leave a lot of cool spots to...