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XP MI-6 pinpointer – features and settings (must know!)

The brand new XP MI-6 pinpointer, the best choice if you have the XP Deus metal detector. I’m using it for about the year and very satisfied with the quality and ease of use. Pinpointer really helps to locate the targets, even the smallest ones. New video about the features and settings, really helpful, when you bought the MI-6 and looking for some tips and tricks.


Restoring German Helmets With Wax! (Diggers Tips, Photos+)

I recently acquired a very fine piece, an original German M42 Stahlhelm. Now this helmet was in a good condition with the original paint and everything, but I had one question: was there anything I could do to make it look better and add some value to it without destroying it in any way? And does it work for a “dug” German helmet? The answer is: yes! As some of...


What Metal Detector To Buy In 2019?

Hello, friends! Here I have another very useful post for the upcoming new year – which metal detector should you choose and buy in this new year of 2019? A difficult topic, because there are many models and the choice is really huge and wide. Digging through forums, watching YouTube, reading different opinions and reviews of other detectorists is usually what you have to do, but I decided to make...


Schemes And Drawings Of Scoops For Beach Detecting, Do It Yourself! :)

I think this post will be useful for all lovers of beach detecting. As you can see, these are schemes for making your own sand scoop for beach detecting! There are three different types, and I will introduce you to each one. So, let us start. Type-1 scoop scheme And this will be the final result: Convenient and beautiful scoop! Since the sizes of the scoop are not given (choose the size...


XP Deus Settings For Littered Places (Tips From Experienced Detectorists)

Unlike other metal detectors with preinstalled search programs and not very much freedom in changing settings, the XP Deus metal detector allows itself to be adjusted for use on any soil and any detecting conditions to the maximum. Of course, the depth of the detector is not the deepest, but the depth is not important where other metal detectors do not see certain objects, for example – medieval silver, gold,...


XP Deus Settings For Detecting With A HF Coil On A Littered Field Or In A Park (Photos Of Finds+)

Recently I went detecting to an old field on the outskirts of the village. A long time ago, there had been a trading place on this field, where horses were sold. Just imagine it: a large field, summer, heat, and many horses. Everyone walking in the street, trading, business as usual. This was a good place for that kind of business – all roads go through this place, you can...


Rod From The Golden Mask Used On The XP Deus (When Slavic Engineering Has Gone Too Far…)

Did the Slavic engineers make another big breakthrough in the metal detector design? In fact, yes! There is one detectorist and seller in Bulgaria who has been searching for meteorites with detectors for several decades. His store in Sofia is well known to many detectorists. This time he made a very good invention – he connected the rod from the Golden Mask to his Deus, and what was the result? All...


Interfering Signals Between The XP Deus and The Minelab Equinox (Important!)

If you dig with the Deus or the Equinox, you need to know this. This is important in case your friends/fellow detectorists dig in the same area as you, and with the same detectors. This advice is probably more suited to the owners of the Equinoxes from the first batch because in some ways the Equinoxes that came out after the first batch do not always create such interference signals...


Is It Possible To Boost The Depth Of The Garrett ACE 400i? (Diggers Tips, Finds+)

It would seem reasonable that an entry-level metal detector could be improved a little, right? Maybe improved in terms of depth, because the Garrett ACE series, although famous among detectorists, sometimes lack a little on the depth factor. There has been quite a lot of discussions about the possibilities of these metal detectors, but nothing is better than going out in practice and finding the answer to this question that no-one...