What Metal Detector To Buy In 2019?

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  1. Paul says:

    Why do you not have any Whites machines on the list? I would think the Whites Spectrum V3i would at least make the professional cut and they also have a few beginners models that I would assume are as good as the Garrett machines. I noticed on this forum that nobody talks about Whites machines much, so is that because they are not good machines or is there another reason?

    • Detectorist says:

      The simple reason is that I never had any experience with Whites. Same to my friends, I simply cannot find any Whites metal detector to test it. That is the main reason.

    • Cipher says:

      Whites still has some great machines. The V3i is definitely one of the very best for those persistent enough to master it. The V3i and the Equinox 800 are my killer combo, and with them I feel like I have every situation covered. The problem with Whites is that they didn’t listen to forward thinking engineers about features like light weight, PC updates, cell phone integration, pinpointer integration and other features. In fact, most patents held along those lines were sold to XP to make the Deus. This caused their best engineers to leave in frustration. The whole company faced a restructuring and hiatus for a while, and it doesn’t appear they’ve learned much in that time. The latest machines are still of the heavy box style that play more to the old timer loyalists. As a result their popularity has slipped against light futuristic machines like the Deus, super deep machines like the T2 and F75, and the waterproof CTX-3030. I could make an argument that none of those are as good as the V3i with the Ultimate 13 coil if you want to know what’s in the ground before you dig it, but most people prefer a simpler machine. The V3i is many things, but not simple.

      • Detectorist says:

        Thank you, Cipher, for such a long and interesting story. Me, personally, not so familiar with Whites devices, but I believe, that Whites can do more, than they are doing at the moment. Just can’t believe, that they are loosing a customers and do not care about it, that is strange.

  2. George says:

    Hello, I would like your opinion about what metal detector to buy. I owned a minelab safari but I am not pleased enough. I am searching for golden, silver, copper and brass coins, jewelry and relics. NOT at all golden nuggets because I am living in Greece and we do not have. I search on the beach, fields, mountains and parks. I want very good discrimination with no iron masking, a lot of depth, very low emi, tracking ground balance, easy to use. Thank you in advance for your answer.

    • Detectorist says:

      Hi! The XP Deus could be your way to go, because it has the tracking GB, you can change settings and lower the EMI or minimize it, it has a good discrimination as well and you will see the iron targets.

  3. George says:

    What about makro racer 2 or Teknetics T2?

    • Detectorist says:

      MR2 is outdated, already, there is Makro Kruzer and Nokta Anfibio on the market. Teknetics T2+ is still a very good machine, universal, for any types of detecting!

  4. George says:

    Why MR2 is outdated? Because of the single frequency? I do not trust the multi frequency detectors . I believe that one frequency around 14Khz will do the job fine in all conditions. What is your opinion?

    • Detectorist says:

      Because MR2 is discontinued by the manufacturer right now, not because of the single freq. If you are looking for a single freq machine, then your choice is XP Deus or Garrett AT MAX. Garrett AT MAX will be nice for you if you do not want to learn the Deus settings.

  5. George says:

    Which metal detector do you suggest at 14 KHz?

  6. George says:

    ok. Thanks.

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