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Detecting Point – A Medieval Hoard! (News, Photos+)

We literally walk around on different ancient objects and relics. What now seems like garbage for us, will be excellent finds for future archaeologists and diggers. And here is a simple example – on a construction site in Tallinn, the workers invited archeologists after cleaning the surface of the territory of buildings and debris, to check and see what can be found in one of the oldest parts of the...


British Detectorist Finds Ancient Roman Treasure! (Video, Photos+)

A British man was out with his metal detector when he found something no-one else found before him in England. In Gloucestershire, England, Pete Cresswell and his brother-in-law Andrew Boughton found a small treasure stock of bronze statues from the last years of the Roman occupation of the country. This treasure also contained parts of metal boxes, handles that have been placed on boxes, parts of metal statues, parts of...


Finding A Treasure Of Silver Coins With A Cheap Metal Detector? Easy! (Hoard, Photos+)

It would seem that many people think that to find a treasure you would need to get a good metal detector. And “good” usually means “expensive”. But no, you dint need an expensive detector for this, a huge treasure was recently found with a low-cost entry-level metal detector! One guy in Ukraine went detecting with his Teknetics Eurotek PRO and Nel Hunter coil- seemingly not with an XP Deus un his hands, and stumbled...


Finding a Wallet! (Diggers Story, + Photos)

Prestory; It was in 2014. Autumn. It was raining all week and ended only to the weekend. We went looking for mushrooms. And with our luck we managed to get lost. Somehow we managed to find a sand road (paved military path through the woods). We had no maps, and the GPS did not show the forest roads. After four hours of driving, by some miracle, I arrived at a...


Hoard of Polish coins from the 17th century! (+ photos)

What an amazing treasure! A group of diggers had the pleasure of digging out a hoard of Polish coins, a whole treasure in the middle of a field. Incredibly lucky diggers – they found all together about a hundred coins, mainly silver ones. Although they also found a gold coin, though only one. Imagine how amazing it must have felt to find this hoard! Here are some more pictures of the find 😉  (Note: click on the photos...


Huge Viking hoard discovered in Sweden! (+photos)

One of the worlds largest silver treasures was found on Friday July 16, 1999 in a field next to a farm Spillingz, north-west of Slite in the northern part of the island Gotland in Sweden. The total weight of the treasure was 67 kg silver and 20 kg of bronze! The total amount of coins found was 14,295! Archaeologists have concluded that this treasure was hidden under the floor of a Viking barn in...


Viking hoard, part I (photos+)

It’s not a secret that vikings were brave rough people who liked a lot gold and silver. Viking hoards still can be found around Scandinavia countries, UK, Baltic states… I decided to share with You, mates, some photos of Viking items from the museum collection. Please take a look and enjoy! Have You ever found anything similar? More interesting finds here !


Bredon Hill Hoard (<3000 roman coins)

It is a story from June 2011. Two guys from Redditch (Worcestershire, England), Jethro Carpenter and Mark Gilmour, were detecting on a farmland on Bredon Hill while they found something. At the depth about 50cm there were several sherds of pottery and coins… quite many coins. Yes, it was a big clay pot full of 3rd century coins! When realized it they contacted local Finds Liaison Officer. After a couple...


Hoard from Fuchsenhof

While coming back to year 1997 I could notice one outstanding find near the little town Freistadt in Austria discovered by the local digger Siegfried Bauer using his detector. This hoard included about 7000 Medieval mostly silver coins and 600 other pieces like rings, small buckles, etc. This find was dated quite accurate on years 1275-1278 when there was a conflict between the King of Germany Rudolf I and King...