Wehrmacht WW2 Belt Buckles (Description, Variants, Identifying Finds +)

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  1. Edwin Van Damm says:

    I am astonished by the number of fake buckets in this article… any serious collectors would ignore this completely… the baseline one is nice !

    • Detectorist says:

      The main idea is to give understanding to the general public, but not to educate about fake buckles. It is a big post for another time 😉

  2. Brian Hatch says:

    I came across a Luftwaffe belt buckle by Schmoll & Comp. Menden. It’s maker marked and dated 1940. The inside of the wreath has no pebbling. Outside of the name of the maker I have been unable to find information on Scmoll & Comp. Any info appreciated.

    • Detectorist says:

      Hi Brian,

      There were a lot of manufacturers of buckles and sometimes you can’t even find info about it. Can you show a pics of your LW buckle? You can attach photos to comments.

  3. Adam says:

    The only marking on the buckle is an “A” on the inside. It’s a two piece for sure. I hope it’s real for the price I paid. The belt is in really nice condition and still has the liner on the inside .

  4. Sandra Luttrell says:

    what is the year of the buckle in the display case last row bottom 1st buckle , I believe mine is more brass looking though than this one also could you tell me what the inscription says , thank you

  5. Paul Davies says:

    Just been given a belt and buckle by a colleague, it has the letters BG entwined together at one end and 42 at the other, thanks for the info on the markings

  6. Doug Bohannon says:

    An interesting article on collecting German buckles. Do you also sell buckles?

  7. Bob says:

    I can’t find these proof marks anywhere , anyone know anything? please and thank you

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