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XP MI-6 pinpointer – features and settings (must know!)

The brand new XP MI-6 pinpointer, the best choice if you have the XP Deus metal detector. I’m using it for about the year and very satisfied with the quality and ease of use. Pinpointer really helps to locate the targets, even the smallest ones. New video about the features and settings, really helpful, when you bought the MI-6 and looking for some tips and tricks.


Fisher F-Pulse Pinpointer – First Impressions (Kit, Settings, Design+)

Recently I got my hands on a relatively new pinpointer from Fisher, namely the Fisher F-Pulse! I can’t wait to really try it out for what it’s worth out in the fields, but meanwhile, I will tell you about my First impressions from testing it so far. The Kit The kit is pretty simple and straightforward. It is delivered in a compact and good-looking box from Fisher, which includes all...


XP MI-6 And Garrett PRO Pointer AT Z-Lynk Wireless Pinpointers: Which One Is Better?

Wireless pinpointers are now beginning to become very popular among diggers. Or more correct, pinpointers with a wireless connection to the detector headphones. At the moment, this system is supported by XP MI-6 and Garrett PRO Pointer AT Z-Lynk. The other manufacturers are on their way, it’s possible that Minelab and maybe Fisher/Teknetics is working on something? But it is known that the Nokta-Makro company has almost released such a...


Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk and MS-3 Headphones – Our Review!

I remember the time when we were digging without a pinpointer and, moreover, we did not even know what it was and why we needed it. And I won’t even mention wireless headphones – for us it was a completely different world and we did not even think about it. Detecting then was something special, at the level of semi-legal business and movement, when everyone was hiding while digging, and only...


XP MI-6 Pinpointer (Our Review!)

For what you need a pinpointer and what it is useful for, during detecting, we have already written and told about a million times. I even wrote a post on this topic, but now, it seems to me, everyone knows that digging without a pinpointer means spending a lot of time digging out the find. And what if you dig tiny hammered coins? These finds are difficult to find without...


Teknetics Tek-Point – Our Review! (Tips, Settings, Photos+)

Greetings, fellow detectorists! As usual, we have a new review of a very fresh and new product, namely a pinpointer! At the moment, there are so many pinpointers on the market of metal detectors and detecting equipment, which sometimes you do not even know how they differ from each other and what you should choose for your next purchase. The pinpointer is an important piece of equipment for detecting, and...


MI-4 – A New Pinpointer From XP! (New For 2018!)

The company XP Detectors seems to have decided to enter the pinpointer market more fundamentally and have released a simplified version of the MI6 pin-pointer. What is the difference? It’s simple – the MI4 is an ordinary pin-pointer without the ability to connect to the XP Deus detector. Basically, all the same settings, it is still possible with underwater detecting down to 6 meters, 6 search programs, 3 sensitivity levels...


Manufacturers Joking About Each Other (Teknetics Vs. Minelab, Battle Of The Pinpointers, Funny!) – updated!

Sometimes, the different detector manufacturers love to make jokes about each other for promotional purposes, and for us to have a good laugh. This is one funny example of that, and what do we see here under the advertisement of the new pinpointer? A little hello to Minelab! Update! Sometimes such jokes are finishing not as good as planned, but as the final result of that story – two comments...


New Pinpointers From Minelab – PRO Find 15 And PRO Find 35! (News 2017!) – Updated!

Minelab from Australia recently presented its new pinpointers to the world: the PRO Find 15 and PRO Find 35! This novelty was very much liked by the local diggers, because the price of the model “PRO Find 15” is only 90 euros, and the model “PRO Find 35” is only 120 euros! The PRO Find 15 is a water resistant model, and the PRO Find 35 allows immersion in water...

Tek-Point - a new pinpointer by Teknetics announced! (photo and video+) 0

Tek-Point – a new pinpointer by Teknetics announced! (photo and video+) – Updated!

Finally it is announced – a new pinpointer by famous manufacturer and designer of metal detectors and equipment! We still have no any specs or data about it, only video, but I have tested that pin in September 2017 and to be honest, I was impressed by its airtest results on 1 EUR coin. What is your opinion? Does pinpointer need such a performance on depth? Overall, it is going...