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XP ORX Metal Detector – Review and Settings

The XP ORX metal detector was announced quite recently by the French company XP and this caused all diggers to have a lot of questions about its abilities and features. Let’s see a little bit what kind of device it is and what it can do because XP did not hype the fact that this model would be released and until now only a few video reviews are known, but...


Excavating The Attack Aircraft IL-2 Near Narva (October 2018) – Updated (Crew Fate+)

A lot of secrets are still held in the Narva land in Estonia, for example, as far as I know, in the vicinity of Narva, almost a couple hundred planes were shot down during the fighting in 1944. And if we take 1941 as an example, the number of planes fallen into the sea will be quite large. And recently, one of those secrets were uncovered, when the Narva search...


Golden Mask One – 15 kHz and 24 kHz detectors! (New from 2018)

So, it seems that the famous Bulgarian manufacturer of metal detectors Golden Mask is entering the metal detector market for beginners with a digital device! So far there is no data on the price, but they promise that it will be cheap. There will be two modifications that differ only in search frequency – the version with 15 kHz and the other with 24 kHz. Well, entry-level HFs, a good...


Golden Mask 5+ SE – 15-30 kHz (New Version!) 

It seems that the manufacturer Golden Mask from Bulgaria has modified its new model – the Golden Mask 5+ SE metal detector. This detector has now received changes and bug fixes, as well as a new version, in addition to the 8-18 kHz version, we now have the 15-30 kHz version. With this new detector, it is now possible to look for gold in the mountains and jewelry on the...


ORX – A New Metal Detector From XP Detectors!

At a large event – at the Detectival rally of diggers, XP Detectors showed its novelty, a new metal detector – the ORX. As you can see, a lot of things were taken from the DPR model, which was made especially for the distributor in Africa and the Middle East, but now it’s time for the rest of the countries where you can look for gold. So, what’s new? A new...


Update 1.7.5 Available For The Minelab Equinox! (News + Link)

So, friends! It is now known that the company Minelab has released an update for the metal detector Minelab Equinox. The link to the file with descriptions can be found here. To install the update and reprogram your metal detector, you need to download the Minelab Update Utility program, download link here. What’s new? Identification of silver targets – indicators for silver coins have been improved. Depth indicator – it...


V5 Update Available For The XP Deus! (Link+)

So, the manufacturer of XP finally released the V5.0 update for the Deus! We have already written about this novelty, but here’s a brief summary: V 5.0 supports the three new X35 coins You’ll have more advanced options in the menu of the wireless headphones WS4 and WS5 The download link can be found here. Enjoy?


Updates For The XP Deus: Version 5.0 And Three New X35 Coils! (New from XP Detectors)

Greetings, friends! Yesterday, on the official site of XP Detectors, they posted news about the upcoming new version of the update V5 (5.0) and the release of three new coils labeled X35. But what does this mean? Let’s look at it in order. 3 new X35 coils It seems like the era of black coils, which have been produced for more than 10 years, is coming to an end, they...


Detecting Point – A Medieval Hoard! (News, Photos+)

We literally walk around on different ancient objects and relics. What now seems like garbage for us, will be excellent finds for future archaeologists and diggers. And here is a simple example – on a construction site in Tallinn, the workers invited archeologists after cleaning the surface of the territory of buildings and debris, to check and see what can be found in one of the oldest parts of the...


Makro Kruzer, Multi Kruzer and Gold Kruzer – New Metal Detectors From Makro Detectors – Updated! (New for 2018 and Review+)

Here’s a new commercial from Makro Kruzer metal detectors: At least – it has some plot!   Yes, it happened! The well-known manufacturer Makro just announced three new metal detectors of the new series – Gold Kruzer, Kruzer, and Multi Kruzer! The only difference between these different models are the frequencies – the Multi Kruzer has multiple frequencies, while the Kruzer has one. The gold Kruzer model has a frequency...