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The new XP WSA II and WSA II XL headphones for Deus 2 are available in Europe!

Hey! The good news – the new headphones for XP Deus II are now available to order. The WSA II model is similar to WSA for XP ORX, but it is designed especially for Deus 2 model. Same to WSA II XL, which is the same shape as WS 5 for Deus 1, but dedicated only to XP Deus II as well. The headphones are operating on a wireless protocol...


New Gold prospecting metal detector by Garrett?

The US-based Garrett Metal Detectors manufacturer will release the new metal detector! Always a piece of good news, right? Thanks to the XXI century remote tools, you can watch the release online. More details about the new metal detector will be posted in this blog, stay tuned!


The new CORS Butterfly Coil

The CORS Labs, manufacturer of aftermarket coils for almost all popular metal detecting brands, presented the new  coil model, called “Butterfly”! Size 11″ x 12″/28 cm x 30 cm Weight: 14.8 oz/420 g *weight set without coil cover weight may vary slightly, depending on the model of detector and coil to safely be used without cover Looks like this coil is a perfect replacement of stock coil of your detector,...


NEL FLY – new coil by NEL company! (New for 2020!)

Hey, do you know about the NEL Coils company from Ukraine, who designs and makes the best aftermarket coils for the almost every metal detector in this world? Now you know. Looks like there is a new model of coil coming out very soon, called NEL Fly. What do we know about this model for now? Its size is 11×12″, which makes it the perfect replacement for the stock coil...


XP MI-6 pinpointer – features and settings (must know!)

The brand new XP MI-6 pinpointer, the best choice if you have the XP Deus metal detector. I’m using it for about the year and very satisfied with the quality and ease of use. Pinpointer really helps to locate the targets, even the smallest ones. New video about the features and settings, really helpful, when you bought the MI-6 and looking for some tips and tricks.


Time Ranger PRO – new metal detector by Bounty Hunter! (New for 2020)

Hey, guys! What do we see here with the new Bounty Hunter Time Ranger PRO? Looks like it is a fresh update to the Bounty Hunter metal detectors line. Finally. Bounty Hunter is a well-known brand in the metal detecting industry, but for the last years, we haven’t seen any updates to the product line. And now it has come! Time Ranger PRO – means the ranger who will hunt...


How is the metal detectors made by XP? (Video)

I can’t say about you, but when I see the robotic manufacturing process I can just stuck for a long time. Same goes here – have you ever thought how is the XP Detectors made? When I firstly tried the X35 type coil I was impressed by the quality of this coil – it has no false signals at all. So stable work! Now I know the reason and see...


Detecting On The Bottom Of The River – What Could Be Found There?

Sometimes it is nice to return to your home city. Every time you go to where your childhood and youth passed, you are overwhelmed with memories from the past. In my case, it is also memories of digging, the first finds, the first find pits and many other “firsts” in the addition. You drive through all the native roads and everything pops up in your head as if in reality...


Svarog 106 – Universal Wireless Headphones For Any Metal Detector! Our Review!

Perhaps it is impossible to underestimate detecting in headphones, this is exactly the rule that is learned over the years of detecting, and if one of you still thinks that headphones for detecting are garbage, then give me your “empty” detecting spots and I will go there with pleasure, in headphones! New finds are guaranteed, the only question is their number. Since the beginning of this year, the manufacturer of...


Fisher F70 Detector – My Favorite Settings

I recently had a chance to chat on one of the most popular treasure hunters forum on the topic of our beloved Fisher F70. As always, in such cases, the discussion began about measuring the depths and the sensitivity to other well-known brands of metal detectors. Well, we are not people or what? And so, immediately a reader turned to me, saying that he recently had acquired the Fisher F-70,...