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V5 Update Available For The XP Deus! (Link+)

So, the manufacturer of XP finally released the V5.0 update for the Deus! We have already written about this novelty, but here’s a brief summary: V 5.0 supports the three new X35 coins You’ll have more advanced options in the menu of the wireless headphones WS4 and WS5 The download link can be found here. Enjoy?


XP Deus Settings For Littered Places (Tips From Experienced Detectorists)

Unlike other metal detectors with preinstalled search programs and not very much freedom in changing settings, the XP Deus metal detector allows itself to be adjusted for use on any soil and any detecting conditions to the maximum. Of course, the depth of the detector is not the deepest, but the depth is not important where other metal detectors do not see certain objects, for example – medieval silver, gold,...


Updates For The XP Deus: Version 5.0 And Three New X35 Coils! (New from XP Detectors)

Greetings, friends! Yesterday, on the official site of XP Detectors, they posted news about the upcoming new version of the update V5 (5.0) and the release of three new coils labeled X35. But what does this mean? Let’s look at it in order. 3 new X35 coils It seems like the era of black coils, which have been produced for more than 10 years, is coming to an end, they...


Detecting Point – A Medieval Hoard! (News, Photos+)

We literally walk around on different ancient objects and relics. What now seems like garbage for us, will be excellent finds for future archaeologists and diggers. And here is a simple example – on a construction site in Tallinn, the workers invited archeologists after cleaning the surface of the territory of buildings and debris, to check and see what can be found in one of the oldest parts of the...


Detecting In Germany Part 2: Napoleon’s Ring, The German Empire And Roman Coins! (Diggers Story, Finds, Photos+)

If you haven’t read it yet, part 1 of this story can be found here! Continuation of “Detecting in Germany”, part 2: We woke up on the following day, we ate breakfast, took our already pre-packed backpacks with all its necessities, and of course, the “Garrett Deus”, as you remember from the last part of this story. We met up with Nico from yesterday and hit the road on the...


Mysterious Ring With The Head Of The Devil (Identifying Finds+)

From time to time, a usual detectorist stumbles across a very unusual artifact. And sometimes the hypotheses of the origin and dating of these objects excite the minds of fellow detectorists so much that you simply marvel at it. And this time this exact thing happened… In the spring of 2016, there was a rumor among the treasure hunters of the Ryazan region that a unique mystical ancient ring was...


76.2 mm Regimental Gun M1927 Found In Estonia (Updated, Photos+)

The 2018 detecting season has not only begun for the diggers of coins in the fields because war-relic hunters have also started. This year, the members of the Otsing Club (“detecting club”) found a 76.2-mm regimental gun, the 1927 model, in the swamps of Narva. A total of 18,000 such guns were produced, of which only a small number have survived to this day. It’s good that in Estonia, the...


Excavation Of An Old Inn – The First Day And The First Finds! (Photos+)

Well, friends! Summer is the best time for forest excavations because the fields are all sown or not yet cut, so there is nothing left but to go on an excavation trip. And the places where it’s best to go for excavations are places where people used to live, and there are quite a lot of such places. In our case, this place turned out to be among the trees...


How An Iron Cross Suddenly Became A Knight’s Cross (Just How Important It Is To Clean And Identify A Find Before Selling It)

Recently, at one famous Russian WW2 forum, there were auctions as always, on the one hand, seemingly quite ordinary – well, a ground dug Iron Cross, and even in the corresponding condition, but on the other hand – a very instructive example of why it is important to clean and identify the finds before selling them. And all would be well, but when the seller decided to find out what...


Teknetics Tek-Point – Our Review! (Tips, Settings, Photos+)

Greetings, fellow detectorists! As usual, we have a new review of a very fresh and new product, namely a pinpointer! At the moment, there are so many pinpointers on the market of metal detectors and detecting equipment, which sometimes you do not even know how they differ from each other and what you should choose for your next purchase. The pinpointer is an important piece of equipment for detecting, and...