Nokta Anfibio – Our Review Of The New Detector! (Tips, Thoughts, Experience, Finds+)

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  1. tim swearinger says:

    are there wired headphones for under water searches , every wireless head phone i have seen hates water and loses signal.

  2. DirtyMoney says:

    As Dave noted, water proof headphones are available. An equally acceptable solution for both the Kruzer and the Amfibio is to go to Options and choose Vibrate. You won’t hear anything, but you will feel the machines react to metal detected via the grip.

  3. Jon says:

    Is there any programs that are fast like 3tones at 89 but offer more depth. In 3tones at 89 with the kr24 coil, the depth is around 4-5inches.

  4. Frank says:

    I asked a Nokta agent about serious depth for a detector. I operate with an UGround radar scaner OKM eXp5000 but need something that will limit depth to max 3 meters (for a particular job) as the OKM hits all targets to 25m plus and can’t be restricted. He said the Anfibio Multi with the 11″ (AF28) will pickup at maximum 2 meters, whereas the 14″ (KR40) will pickup at maximum 3 meters. Your opinion ????

  5. Frank says:

    I don’t particularly need a screen, but nice to have only. What do you mean “That is funny”. With respect, I’m looking for constructive comments. I posed a serious question to solve a situation. Looking for GBars in side walls and tunnel floor.

    • Detectorist says:

      Such comment is funny: “He said the Anfibio Multi with the 11″ (AF28) will pickup at maximum 2 meters, whereas the 14″ (KR40) will pickup at maximum 3 meters.”, because it is impossible depths for VLF detector. I have no idea why do they tell such false info.
      I can’t recommend any particular unit, because that is interesting case – what are you looking it for? What is the GBars?

  6. Frank says:

    My last post to you isn’t listed. Maybe it didn’t send – random connection problems in this remote area may have been the reason.
    Nokta’s products are listing serious depths on multiple VLF and apparently scanner products. Surely they have to be able to support these claims “somehow”. I’m waiting for more data from the agent/company regarding their claims.

    For further discussion on our project, it’s best if you email me direct. You have my email add. Regards Frank

  7. Frank says:

    Hi Detectorist.
    Any chance of more communication. If I wish to find and identify substantial, solid, manufactured items eg. Fe, Ag, Au, Pl, Pd, Cu, etc at depths to 3 meters, what is a reliable product that I can factor out natural discrimination, and surface-close items and trash.

  8. Bobo Natz says:

    I bought one and it’s a PIA. It picks up coins 3′ to 4” deep so I have to did and dig. It doesn’t tell ya how deep the coin is so you just have to keep digging. I spend more time digging than hunting.

    • Roger Burke says:

      When I locate an object that I wish to dig, I use the pinpoint function and that is when it gives me the approximate depth of the target. Not too complicated really. Nothing wrong with this detector, a person just needs to know how to operate it

  9. buyanydetector says:

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