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Nokta Makro 9″ Mono Coil – Our Review!

DD coils have been dominating the metal detector market for almost a decade, and it would seem that you can put an end to concentric or mono coils, but this is not the truth! Have you ever dug with a mono-coil? I remembered those glorious times when mono-coils were popular and no one wanted to think about anything else … But this story is not about that, but about how...


Nokta Anfibio – Our Review Of The New Detector! (Tips, Thoughts, Experience, Finds+)

Recently, at the last worldwide diggers meeting “Detectival 2018” in the UK, the Turkish manufacturer of metal detectors Nokta/Makro announced the merging of brands. Now there will not be a separate Nokta or a separate Makro – there will be a Nokta-Makro. Everything is very simple! In addition, the first product of the joint brand is a novelty of 2018 – the series of metal detectors Nokta-Makro Anfibio Multi, Nokta-Makro...


Nokta/Makro – IWA 2018 News (Nokta Invenio, Anfibio, SimpleX and Scuba Pointer, Photos +)

The IWA 2018 has ended, and we write news about this exhibition; we tell you about which of the producers showed what and what plans they are building for the next years. This time, let’s talk about the company Nokta/Makro Detectors, which, in addition to working prototypes, brought a number of non-functional prototypes to show what they are working on and what will come of it as a result. The...