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Digging On A Construction Site (With Finds+)

Choosing a detecting location is always difficult – you need to work with maps, archives, location visiting (sometimes in vain), unjustified expectations, and other loss of time, which at one point will turn out to be a great success (Or maybe not). In our “business”, this is always the case. However, do not forget that good finds and locations can be very close to you and that you don’t always...


Teknetics T2+ – Our Review! (Tips, Settings+)

Teknetics T2 +. Last year the manufacturer Teknetics released this novelty, but what is new in it? The variations of the famous and legendary metal detector are many and how are they all different? If to say it easier, then the differences are in the firmware. Fortunately, multiple metal detectors can be updated through a computer, but this is not the case for all detectors. So, what’s new in the...


Teknetics Tek-Point – Our Review! (Tips, Settings, Photos+)

Greetings, fellow detectorists! As usual, we have a new review of a very fresh and new product, namely a pinpointer! At the moment, there are so many pinpointers on the market of metal detectors and detecting equipment, which sometimes you do not even know how they differ from each other and what you should choose for your next purchase. The pinpointer is an important piece of equipment for detecting, and...

Detecting old tavern field with Teknetics T2+! Old coins saved + setting talk! 0

Detecting old tavern field with Teknetics T2+! Old coins saved + setting talk!

Hello Friends! Today we went detecting to an old field close to the old tavern dated XVI century! Take a look what we have found there: Just an amazing relics and coins found! Also in this video I explained how to set up the Teknetics T2+. It is very easy to learn this machine and nothing complicated about settings. You can order Teknetics T2+ bundle here. Promo code: A1479 Enter...

Teknetics T2+ strikes XVII century coin! 0

Teknetics T2+ strikes XVII century coin!

That’s really amazing and great! Brand new Teknetics T2+ strikes XVII century coin, dated 1670+, Swedish 1/4 öre! Not a very rare or expensive find, but still very amazing to find it just right in a center of a village! And as you can still see – coin is preserved well and in nice condition! You can order yours T2+ kit here: Teknetics T2+ Bundle! Use CODE: A1479 Have a...


Review Of The CORS Strike Coil Using The Teknetics Patriot Detector And Finding A Rare Coin! (Finds, Photos+)

The Teknetics Patriot metal detector turned out to be an excellent detector! It has a good depth and it determines the finds pretty good, you can detect with it both in open fields and in trashy areas, it’s a pity that there are no small coils for it yet, but since I dig mostly in the fields, I decided to improve this metal detector with the purchase of an additional...

Two new promos on Teknetics direct - for T2+ bundle and G2+! 0

Two new promos on Teknetics direct – for T2+ bundle and G2+!

Hey guys! There are two outstanding promos on Tek-Direct right now. The T2+ Introductory special $549 and the G2+ at $449! Don’t miss this deal, save more than $250 with PROMO CODE: A1479 Order here: TekneticsDirect metal detectors Some videos about Teknetics T2+: Team Teknetics hunts: And part one: Do you have a good metal detector? No? It’s time to upgrade yours! Hurry up till the deal is available!

First look at the Teknetics T2+ kit (promo code+) 0

First look at the Teknetics T2+ kit (promo code+)

This year Teknetics anounced it’s new Teknetics T2+ metal detector. What is new? It is the same legendary Teknetics T2 green, but with added Boost mode – for more depth to small targets and updated software. So for the reasonable price we’ve got a very deep T2 metal detector and Boost more to get a more small finds from the already detected spots! What is a great deal, guys! Promo...


Fisher/Teknetics – News From IWA 2018! (Novelties, Photos+)

Last week in Germany there was an IWA 2018 exhibition, which was originally an exhibition of only arms and for the civil market, but then it evolved into a regular outdoors exhibition in which manufacturers and major players in the civilian products market for active outdoor lifestyle are exhibited. This also includes the manufacturers of metal detectors. Let’s start, perhaps, with the company First Texas Products. As it is known,...

Teknetics G2 + – Review of the detector, tuning tips, and how to look for, and find gold! 8

Teknetics G2 + – Review of the detector, tuning tips, and how to look for, and find gold!

Recently a fellow detectorist got himself the Teknetics T2. A good detector, I hope that someday I will find it among my friends who live nearby and with whom you can go digging and create an interesting overview of this detector and write all the secrets. I hope it will be soon. I already wrote about the benefits of the Teknetics compared to the X-Terra 705. However, in my hands...