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Nokta Makro 9″ Mono Coil – Our Review!

DD coils have been dominating the metal detector market for almost a decade, and it would seem that you can put an end to concentric or mono coils, but this is not the truth! Have you ever dug with a mono-coil? I remembered those glorious times when mono-coils were popular and no one wanted to think about anything else … But this story is not about that, but about how...


6″ Sniper Coil For The Minelab Equinox – Review And Tests!

So, here’s the long-awaited review of the sniper coil, size 6″, for the metal detectors series Equinox. The coil, weight, and review The coil itself is very light, it is understandable – its size is very small. It weighs only 301 grams. When installed on a metal detector, the balance is still maintained and this helps to dig with such a coil for a longer period. Yes, with very light...


Magic Lab – Everything About These Coils From A Russian Manufacturer!

Not so long ago, the detectorists in Russia learned about the emergence of a new manufacturer of coils – the company “Magic Lab”. What is interesting is that even though the company was created in 2013, their coils only began to appear on sale steadily from 2017 What is remarkable about the company “Magic Lab”, you ask? Let us start with the fact that all production and development is in...


Reviewing The New X35 Coil For The XP Deus!

Greetings! Finally, the new X35 coils began to appear on the market. So far, only a small amount in Europe could be pre-ordered, something which we did. We decided to look at the biggest coil for the XP Deus – the 13″ DD. The differences are immediately noticeable when you take a coil in your hand. Did it just seem to me or is the plastic material different? This is probably...


HF Elliptical 24×13 cm Coil For The XP Deus! (Review, Photos+)

Greetings, fellow diggers! It so happened that we slowly study the XP Deus and the coils to it, and just recently I got my hands on something that I borrowed from a friend, who mainly detects at the beaches of the sea. This thing was a high-frequency elliptical coil for the Deus, and I decided to make a small review and opinion on this coil. The HF elliptical coil was...


XP Deus Settings For Detecting With A HF Coil On A Littered Field Or In A Park (Photos Of Finds+)

Recently I went detecting to an old field on the outskirts of the village. A long time ago, there had been a trading place on this field, where horses were sold. Just imagine it: a large field, summer, heat, and many horses. Everyone walking in the street, trading, business as usual. This was a good place for that kind of business – all roads go through this place, you can...


Review Of The CORS Strike Coil Using The Teknetics Patriot Detector And Finding A Rare Coin! (Finds, Photos+)

The Teknetics Patriot metal detector turned out to be an excellent detector! It has a good depth and it determines the finds pretty good, you can detect with it both in open fields and in trashy areas, it’s a pity that there are no small coils for it yet, but since I dig mostly in the fields, I decided to improve this metal detector with the purchase of an additional...


Is It Possible To Boost The Depth Of The Garrett ACE 400i? (Diggers Tips, Finds+)

It would seem reasonable that an entry-level metal detector could be improved a little, right? Maybe improved in terms of depth, because the Garrett ACE series, although famous among detectorists, sometimes lack a little on the depth factor. There has been quite a lot of discussions about the possibilities of these metal detectors, but nothing is better than going out in practice and finding the answer to this question that no-one...


9 “Elite Mono – A New Coil From Coiltek! (New For 2018!)

The Australian company Coiltek announced a new product just today: a new coil mono coil (not DD) with the size of 9 “; the Elite mono coil.   Thus, the company expanded their line of Elite coils, adding a small “pancake” of a rather unusual size – 9 “. They promise to begin the deliveries by May 2, 2018. More details, if there will be, will be added later.