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XP MI-6 pinpointer – features and settings (must know!)

The brand new XP MI-6 pinpointer, the best choice if you have the XP Deus metal detector. I’m using it for about the year and very satisfied with the quality and ease of use. Pinpointer really helps to locate the targets, even the smallest ones. New video about the features and settings, really helpful, when you bought the MI-6 and looking for some tips and tricks.


Svarog 106 – Universal Wireless Headphones For Any Metal Detector! Our Review!

Perhaps it is impossible to underestimate detecting in headphones, this is exactly the rule that is learned over the years of detecting, and if one of you still thinks that headphones for detecting are garbage, then give me your “empty” detecting spots and I will go there with pleasure, in headphones! New finds are guaranteed, the only question is their number. Since the beginning of this year, the manufacturer of...


Nokta Makro 9″ Mono Coil – Our Review!

DD coils have been dominating the metal detector market for almost a decade, and it would seem that you can put an end to concentric or mono coils, but this is not the truth! Have you ever dug with a mono-coil? I remembered those glorious times when mono-coils were popular and no one wanted to think about anything else … But this story is not about that, but about how...


Restoring German Helmets With Wax! (Diggers Tips, Photos+)

I recently acquired a very fine piece, an original German M42 Stahlhelm. Now this helmet was in a good condition with the original paint and everything, but I had one question: was there anything I could do to make it look better and add some value to it without destroying it in any way? And does it work for a “dug” German helmet? The answer is: yes! As some of...


The History Of Russian Steel Helmets from 1916-1945, By Ivan Karabanov (Diggers Library+)

Greetings, fellow diggers, and collectors! I continue my topic of “A diggers/collectors library”, in which I introduce you to all the books and works from my personal library, which can be useful for any digger or collector in order to expand the horizons and gain new knowledge. For all the WW2/war relics diggers, it will be interesting to know the history of the Russian steel helmet, because as it turned...


What Metal Detector To Buy In 2019?

Hello, friends! Here I have another very useful post for the upcoming new year – which metal detector should you choose and buy in this new year of 2019? A difficult topic, because there are many models and the choice is really huge and wide. Digging through forums, watching YouTube, reading different opinions and reviews of other detectorists is usually what you have to do, but I decided to make...


The Best Bag For Beach Detecting – A Surprise From Kellyco!

There are simple and logical solutions that, with their beauty, simplify the life for a detectorist. Especially if you are digging on the beach, you are faced with the fact that if you start putting the finds in your pocket or a regular bag for finds, then it all will be clogged with sand and then you have to spend the extra minutes shaking and cleaning your pockets/bags. I usually...


Schemes And Drawings Of Scoops For Beach Detecting, Do It Yourself! :)

I think this post will be useful for all lovers of beach detecting. As you can see, these are schemes for making your own sand scoop for beach detecting! There are three different types, and I will introduce you to each one. So, let us start. Type-1 scoop scheme And this will be the final result: Convenient and beautiful scoop! Since the sizes of the scoop are not given (choose the size...