“Kaliningrad” Finds (Digging In Königsberg)

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  1. bill norton says:

    Surely there is better stuff to find than what you amateurs dig up. But you are lucky because most of you live in Europe and perseverance counts. I am thinking of immigrating to Europa. Can you read German or Russian? Do you know how to locate little know foreign battlefields where only a few hundred died?

    I walked those fields once as a very young paratrooper. I found lots of Russki skeletons that still had their fingers on the triggers and kilometers of unburied dead.. Then I wrote book about it called The Soviets Unburied Dead. Then US commies (not Russkis but red diaper babies) began attacking my small company. All the staff quit but us veterans. We are thinking about organizing an expedition to find our share. Our moto is, “the dead lead our way.”

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