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What to do when your coil breaks? (Mars MD Tiger example)

Without what can’t you go detecting? Some time ago, I would have said the pinpointer, but recently one digger shared a photo – he went digging with his Makro Racer and lost a coil in the literal sense of the word. He said that he used the coil as usual, without hitting anything, it just fell off. But you still want to continue detecting, right? Nothing else remains but to search the pockets...


Gold find with the CORS Giant coil! (Photo, review+)

Hello fellow detectorists! In this article im going to continue my subject on the CORS Giant coil. What has impressed me even more about this coil is its ability to detect very small items. I have been on a few trips with this coil now, and i have muliple times found very small objects. At first when i got the coil i tought that it would detect small objects very badly...


Bounty Hunter Junior TID – a new detector for kids!

Who said that detecting is only for adults?? The guys from the Bounty Hunter (1st Texas Products, they control almost one third of the market of metal detectors in the world and they own brands like Bounty Hunter, Fisher and Teknetics – good equipment for its price) have long produced good detectors, and now they are producing metal detectors for kids too! The idea is cool, in fact, for children it...


New coil from CORS Labs – Cannon (review)

Hi mates! Finally I received new coil from CORS Labs for my new detector ACE 400i. It’s time to show what’s in the box and how I see it. Let’s begin. First of all, there are some parameters of new coil: Size – 10.5″ x 14.5″. Weight – 18,7 oz. Both coil and cable are completely waterproof. So I noticed this label which means that this coil have been tested...


4,000 year-old bronze axes found by a detectorist in Wales!

A detectorist in Wales found bronze flat axes that are over 4000 years old, and now they are officially declared as a treasure. The detectorist Paul Howells found them when he was detecting in a field. The finds were reported and sent in to the National Museum of Wales. The axes were declared as a treasure according to the museum. These axes are bronze flat with a wide blade edge, one...


2.5 thousand year-old discovery with the NEL THUNDER (Review, photo of the finds+)

A fellow detectorist named Michael sent us his interesting story of a find – do not forget that your interesting stories can be published on my blog! All interesting stories, reviews, and other interesting facts about our favorite hobby i collect in this blog! Read, share and enjoy:) Hello. My name is Michael. I want to tell you about an interesting discovery, which i made with my new coil, Nel Thunder. I recently bought...

gold coin detected teknetics T2 15000 USD worth amazing find with metal detector 0

$15,000 USD worth coin detected in Venice, Italy (gold coin, photos+)

I love cool finds! Do you know that feeling when you are going out for detecting in the morning, evening or whatever and you find this! Gold. Who have danced a golden dance? Just let me know – I will share your stories too! And sometimes you detect this… Gold coin and just an amazing find. Then you check it and realise that i costs over $15,000.00 You have right...


Garrett Ace 250 and Fisher F44 – comparing metal detectors

A comparison between these different detectors in their class, and with a difference at the age of almost 10 years, and yet in our time of rapid development it is a very long time consuming technology! But I would like to make a comparison, for the simple reason that the Internet has still very little information by the actual users, but mostly by advertisers. Why I decided to compare “Ace 250» (DD Nel Sharpshooter...


Viking hoard, part I (photos+)

It’s not a secret that vikings were brave rough people who liked a lot gold and silver. Viking hoards still can be found around Scandinavia countries, UK, Baltic states… I decided to share with You, mates, some photos of Viking items from the museum collection. Please take a look and enjoy! Have You ever found anything similar? More interesting finds here !


DD coil Minelab 15 “3 kHz for the X-Terra Series

Recently, i got my hands on the famous Minelab X-Terra 705, and two coils with it. Because what is a blog without X-Terra 705? Here it is, a 15 inches round coil. “Why you need it, especially in 3 kHz?” you may ask. I want to “clear” all the places i usually search, and I was wondering how the change of the device frequency can affect this. I have a few detectors, but...