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Viking hoard, part I (photos+)

It’s not a secret that vikings were brave rough people who liked a lot gold and silver. Viking hoards still can be found around Scandinavia countries, UK, Baltic states… I decided to share with You, mates, some photos of Viking items from the museum collection. Please take a look and enjoy! Have You ever found anything similar? More interesting finds here !


DD coil Minelab 15 “3 kHz for the X-Terra Series

Recently, i got my hands on the famous Minelab X-Terra 705, and two coils with it. Because what is a blog without X-Terra 705? Here it is, a 15 inches round coil. “Why you need it, especially in 3 kHz?” you may ask. I want to “clear” all the places i usually search, and I was wondering how the change of the device frequency can affect this. I have a few detectors, but...

The truth about Deteknix detectors why not to buy chinese fakes fake copy copies metal detectors 2

The truth about Deteknix Quest series detectors (facts and proofs+, why not to buy Chinese fakes)

Everything today is made in China. Almost every item, but at least it’s designed by a leading designer and manufacturing companies all around the world, but what does Chinese manufacturers give to the world? It’s difficult to find any original item which has been designed and made in China, and an example with the Deteknix company proves it once again. Here is something that Deteknix wrote on their web-page some time ago:...


Minelab X-Terra 705 – first and overall impression of the detector

A famous Machine, which has already been said and talked a lot about. But what is a blog about diggers and detectors, if there is no Minelab X-Terra 705? Quite impossible thing, I think, to be a blogger and a detectorist and not write about this machine. But what is it in this blue box with the image of the device on a background of mountains and a hand filled with treasure. Most of us have...


MI6 – news from XP, coil and update 4.0 (for XP Deus owners)

Greetings, comrades! Salute to those who have a Deus XP detector, because XP’s engineers have recently announced that they work on a new pinpointer and iOS 4.0 for Deus «divine» and finished in the next few months it will be available to the general public. New pinpointer MI-6 Here’s how this miracle looks. Design in XP style – all futuristic as usual. ?As seen, pinpointer has a flashlight. The button is located...


Digging around 365 beaches in the UK! – Daniel Holdsworth and his adventure

Funny news i have found here … A digger that comes from Keighley (United Kingdom), has set himself an amazing goal, to go with a metal detector at 365 beaches around the coast of Great Britain! Daniel Holdsworth, known as the «Deep Digger Dan», aims to raise £ 50,000 for a charity that grants wishes of seriously ill children. Dan Holdsworth is 42 years old, and lives in Keighley for most of...


How does Minelab make money on their Detectors? (facts, photos+)

I recently read on Minelab’s website, and i found a lot of interesting information about the detectors and findings. And we all diggers are waiting and looking for new detectors that would bring more discoveries. And judging by all Minelab collected data, they are preparing something big and interesting! But first things first. Firstly, I was curious to know whether the company has lost market from sales of its new products Minelab...


First look at the Nokta Fors Gold Plus (photos+)

Today we have a product from 2015 – Nokta Fors Gold Plus from the Turkish manufacturer of metal detectors, Nokta. This device is a professional detector for finding gold. Let’s look what’s inside? Model features Manufacturer: Nokta (Turkey) Model: Fors Gold Plus Search modes: 3 programs Display: yes Technologies: VLF Frequency 19 kHz VDI / Digital The purpose-ID :: yes Manual ground balance: yes Automatic Ground Balance: yes Device noise reduction: No...


Makro Racer 2 – Photos, thoughts and review

Salute digger! About the box, packaging and first photos of this detector, I wrote in a previous post, you will find this post here. But now I will share my experience of using this device. In fact, the detector first gave me a bit of mixed feelings. The first ting that was srange – why did it make such fun and unusual sounds? I looked at the menu, I played with the settings,...


Is it necessary to buy additional coils for your detector?

Each year I have this issue – do i need additional coils for my detector? We already have the standard coils which you can freely use without any problems. And also, the additional coils are very suspicious – who knows how and where they were manufactured? And if it breaks down, you can’t exactly take it for repair or replacement under warranty. However, the tought of the arrival on the field, and return with nothing (using standard...