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9 “Elite Mono – A New Coil From Coiltek! (New For 2018!)

The Australian company Coiltek announced a new product just today: a new coil mono coil (not DD) with the size of 9 “; the Elite mono coil.   Thus, the company expanded their line of Elite coils, adding a small “pancake” of a rather unusual size – 9 “. They promise to begin the deliveries by May 2, 2018. More details, if there will be, will be added later.


Golden Mask 5+: Is It Worth It, And How Good Is It? (Our Review!)

The company Golden Mask originates from the brand Banditto. But after the discovery of the golden mask of the Thracian Tsar, the company changed the brand name to the already familiar Golden Mask. The step was made right – after this incident, the Golden Mask began to creep across Europe and gained great fame in one of the largest markets for treasure hunters, in a country where detecting is strictly...


Cors Scout Coil – Our Review With The Minelab E-Trac!

Sometimes it would seem like “why do we need additional coils for the metal detector?” Isn’t it enough with the standard coil? Naturally, it is not enough, especially when it comes to sniper coils or large coils from 13″ and up to 15″ in diameter. But there is another question – why change the standard coil for an additional coil of a third-party manufacturer, if the difference in size is...


The First Tests of The Minelab Equinox 600/800 and Comparison With Other Detectors!

The first deliveries of the Minelab Equinox 600/800 have already been done and the detectors have fallen into the hands of people who have issued pre-orders for them. How did it end? Naturally, many diggers immediately began to shoot their detecting and tests of the new serial models of metal detectors from Minelab. What the producer has been hyping up for so long, has now happened – the Equinoxes are...


XP Deus: First Impressions and First Time Out Detecting! (Review, Photos+)

XP Deus is a high-end and powerful metal detector. This detector is very known and widely spread among professional detectorists. It has a lot of reputation and most of its owners will speak good words about this machine, therefore I decided to give it a try. I have read quite a lot about this detector, and seen it in the hands of other detectorists a lot of times. With its...

Teknetics G2 + – Review of the detector, tuning tips, and how to look for, and find gold! 8

Teknetics G2 + – Review of the detector, tuning tips, and how to look for, and find gold!

Recently a fellow detectorist got himself the Teknetics T2. A good detector, I hope that someday I will find it among my friends who live nearby and with whom you can go digging and create an interesting overview of this detector and write all the secrets. I hope it will be soon. I already wrote about the benefits of the Teknetics compared to the X-Terra 705. However, in my hands...


New “Outrageous” Detecting Laws Introduced In Sweden 2018! (News, Information+)

Metal detecting is a very popular and widespread hobby, and in the last century, the number of hobby detectorists has increased greatly. There are a lot of countries where metal detecting is allowed, and in most of these countries, the hobby is very popular. Sweden is no exception for this, but at the start of 2018, there was a new law passed in Sweden that has sparked a lot of...


Fisher F75 Review: Information, Thoughts and Personal Experience! (Finds, Photos+)

The Fisher F75, the flagship metal detector of Fisher Research Labs, is a professional level detector. This detector has a great design, impressive technology and it is overall an amazing detector that is in no way inferior to the more expensive models of other manufacturers. I have now owned this metal detector for quite a long time, and I truly am happy for buying it. With it, I have detected...


Golden Mask 4 PRO S – Reviewing and Testing The Metal Detector! (Video, Photos+)

Hello, readers of our blog, where we collect all the news, write interesting and useful diggers reviews of metal detectors and used equipment for detecting, and just share useful things so that you can dig out more interesting finds! Yes, there will soon be a handful of useful information, all in the process of preparation. In the meantime, a fresh review has appeared in time for a new modification of...


Museum Idiotism and How the Visitors Are Being Confused! (Photos+)

I propose to talk on such a sensitive topic as “errors” in information in museum stands. After all, state museums are a source of serious information. People write scientific works, relying on museum exhibits and specialized literature in the field of history and archeology. It’s one thing if it’s just typos or spelling errors on information stands in museums. Which also, of course, surprises, but not so much that it...