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Goodbye Minelab Eureka Gold!

It is now official that after 20 years of production, the Minelab Eureka Gold metal detector has ceased production. This is due to the release of a new detector, the Gold Monster 1000 , which we have written about here. However, technical support and service will not stop just yet, so that you can hang your Eureka Gold metal detector on the wall of a museum.   Source


Minelab Gold Monster 1000 – a new detector from the Australian company (Photos, video +)

It seems that the company Minelab has begun to update its line of detectors, and this is good news. A new metal detector from Minelab has long been rumored, everyone thought it would be kind of further development of the series X-Terra, but it seems that the pursuit of the not yet fully developed markets in Africa and the Middle East fills the minds of all major manufacturers. Minelab Gold...


Metal Detecting Ban Enforced In Mill Creek

A new ban on metal detecting is now being enforced in the Mill Creek MetroParks. The County Detecting Club members are often searching in parks like these, that causing more than 150 members to wonder why they can no longer enjoy their peaceful hobby in the Mill Creek MetroParks. “We would just like to know a reason why,” Mike Borosko, the president of the club stated. “I live near the...


New detector announced for 2017- Golden Mask 5+ (what’s new, photos+)

I’ve never seen any of the Golden Mask detectors, neither in the fields nor in the hands of a digger. Over here it is not popular, and not very interesting manufacturer for digger. However, as long as the coins are in the fields and diggers find expensive things, many are trying to find new ways of finding more expensive and interesting finds, and therefore more and more people are starting to look...


New Underwater Detector coming in 2017: The SAR-1 from JW Fishers!

So i recently came across some very interesting news about one of the new metal detectors that 2017 will bring us: the SAR-1 Search and Recovery underwater detector from JW Fishers! This new and interesting detector is specially designed to be used by safety dive teams, law enforcement groups and military units for locating objects in hard, underwater environments. The SAR-1, like many other underwater detectors, gives a vibrating signal trough the handle of the detector when...


Mudlarking on the banks of the river Thames is not free anymore

Not long ago, the London authorities decided to take money from citizens, digging with or without a detector in the mud on the banks of the river Thames. This “activity” is also popularly called «mudlarking». Now the cost of this “attraction” is 32 pounds per day. But they also made a special discount for citizens of London – 75 pounds for three years of digging! The logic behind this is clear. If...


Engraving on bayonets of the Wehrmacht / SS (don’t get fooled! + Photos)

Periodically i come across various people who try to innocently ask in social networks and forums whether this is a real engraving on the bayonet and how much it is worth? It is clear that we are dealing with a scammer who tries to possibly find a buyer, because a lot of diggers and collectors wants to take home a little souvenir or an object that would have had to do with the different...

Garrett Z-Lynk or Minelab PRO-SONIC: Who will be first with launching a universal wireless audio module? 0

Garrett Z-Lynk or Minelab PRO-SONIC: Who will be first with launching a universal wireless audio module?

Just a couple of weeks ago guys from Garrett announced new universal wireless audio module called Garrett Z-Lynk. Everybody knows that it is a future of detecting – when you have wireless devices and you don’t worry about cables and all of that stuff, but one thing is to announce and another is to prepare and release it on the market. We’ve heard about new developings, like guys from Nokta...


Minelabs war against XP Detectors – will they survive? (And Depar Detector +, facts)

The French XP Detectors company has a hard life. Minelab, a leading company for more than a decade on the market, are threatening the XP Deus company. XP Detectors and their partner in the United States started stealing technology from the Australians, and it seems like they are beginning to suffer. And not only they, but also their distributors. We have written about how all this started in this article: Did...