Garrett AT MAX – New Metal Detector From Garrett! (New For 2017, Specifications, Photos+)

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7 Responses

  1. Ronald Wood says:

    I have never used the AT Pro but am thinking about a new detector . This one has lots of bells & whistles I hope the price gets better . Sure looks like it will do the job.

  2. Detectorist says:

    Well, will see. This AT MAX looks like a good evolution of AT PRO, but Garrett needs some high end machine to replace GTI2500!

  3. Rich says:

    Well…ok…same coil. Same housing. Probably same heavy weight and not well balanced. I’m a die hard garrett user. Not a hater. I have 2 ace 250s and an at pro. My ace with a big coil is still better balanced than the at pro. Still no volume control? Really guys! Weak! Wireless headphones great but batteries…and not waterproof. Display looks just like new ace series. Overall underwhelming. I’ll stick with my 250.

  4. Ed says:

    “The rest was all in one form or another in the Garrett AT PRO.” The only two things that are the same as the AT Pro is the look of the detector and the waterproof ability. The AT Gold has a true all metal mode as does the Max. The AT Pro did not. The Max is operating at 13.5 KHz where the ATP operates at 15. The ATG operates at 18 KHz. 13.5 KHz along with the all metal mode is where the increase in depth will come from.

    Zero mode = filters are still in use. All metal mode means no filters.

    $722.45 American currency. When you consider cost and the new upgrades , the value is great. Cheaper then the MXS and the Max comes with wireless headphones.

  5. Kon Dom says:

    And still with same idiotic (constructed and unaccessible positioned) Garrett watertight connector.
    This connector is reason for me to not to buy it.

  6. Paul Smith says:

    Wow just over $700 when it comes to the UK we will get stung on price bet here in UK it will be close to £900 its not called rip of britain for nothing.

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