The first trip with the Fisher F75 (+photos)

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4 Responses

  1. Tim Rogers says:

    Hi Tim, maybe find a clean piece of ground, turn Disc right down to Zero, turn Sens down to 25- 30, then fast grab GB your 75. Once you have GB’d turn Disc up to 6, (absolutely NO higher) then turn Sens up to 80-90 (ground mineralisation permitting), Leave Notch Alone, set Tone to 1F and Process to JE. Dig anything over read-out of 21. These settings are lethal for tiny silver and low conductive (gold) targets mate, Large iron close to the surface will give a squeal type of signal so leave it in the ground. Hope this helps your finds rate improve for you. Regards, HH, Tim.

    • timjohansen says:

      Hi! Thank you very much for your help! I really appreciate it and i will definitely try it:)
      Best Regards, Tim

  2. Detectorist says:

    Yeah it is very good advice, thank you Tim!

  3. Tim Rogers. says:

    You are very welcome, Regards and HH, Tim.

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