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Breaking The Record For My Oldest Coin Ever Two Times In One Day! (Digger’s Story, Photos+)

Detecting with a metal detector is an interesting hobby, but also very different from country to country, it turns out. In the place where I live, there isn’t too much interesting history and the people “back in the days” were very poor. Because of this, people obviously didn’t have too many coins to lose (and for me to find), and we detectorists even have a joke among us, that coins were...


Finding Silver With The Fisher F75! (Diggers story, Photos+)

The Fisher F75 is an amazing piece of technology, and truly my favorite detector. It is light, works perfect and it will do the job😊. I have had very many good finds with it, but the most recent one is one of my favorites: Today, me and my friend decided to go out detecting, because there was such a nice weather, probably the first summer day here in Norway. We...


The New 13″ Karma DD-Coil (Cockroach Vs. Spider)

Finally i received my long-awaited upgrade to my Fisher F75 – a huge 13-inch DD-coil. And the size of the thing! The look of the box and the coil deserve all five stars. The shape is round and quite stylish, it kind of resembles spider legs. The coil has a remarkable bolt fastener. You turn the bolt until it clicks, and then it stands in its place. This kind of fixation prevents the bolt...


Digging Silver With The Fisher F75 (Photos+)

A Tsar silver coin is a quite rare find. More often we come across local Livonian, Swedish and Polish-Lithuanian silver coins. As a rule, they have a slightly larger size. This time I was lucky to find a real flake. We were digging on the site of an old country road. At first glance, the place quite unremarkable. The road and the next field, divided by stone walls in the 1970s...


Starting The Season With The F75! (Amazing Find, Photos+)

Foggy spring morning in a field with the Fisher F75 The early spring in our Nordic country is characterized by low grass, cold weather and wind. Not too good weather, of course, but the northerners are not so easy to stop! I began to recall the places where to couldn’t detect in the sommer. The first stop I made was on a plowed field, where there used to be a little village,...


Secret Technique For Identifying Iron Using Fisher And Teknetics Detectors (It Works!, Diggers Tips +)

The detecting season is already in full swing in some parts of the world, and therfore it is necessary to find and publish more tips and secrets about detecting so that each detectorists’ season begins productively and with a large number of finds! We share our secrets, the secrets of other fellow detectorists (who share them with us), and the secrets that we find in the Internet (and there are a lot of...


Fisher in the mud (Raincovers for the Fisher?)

For me, the covers for Fisher (my Fisher F75) was particularly necessary, because I often dig in any weather, and my kit did not include this accessory. I got my cases through a friend of one craftsman who makes such things at home, and takes not as much as stores from the internet. Maybe it is pleasant to dig when it is hot on a dry lawn, but this happens...


Fisher F75 Unboxing! (What is in the kit? +Video)

So i finally received my Fisher F75, and i made a video of the unboxing! The kit that i bought contained the Fisher F75, Coil cover, rain covers and the Garrett ProPointer-AT. And here is the video itself, enjoy!  


It’s time to upgrade Your Fisher F75 / F75 LTD

New season is coming and it’s time to think about Your detectors and treasure hunting equipment. Fisher Labs, one of the most famous US manufacture offers to make some upgrade to their main professional machine Fisher F75 or F75 LTD. There are different options and corresponding prices provided on the page http://www.fisherlab.com/hobby/upgrade.htm . There You can find all details and make a purchase till 31st of April 2017. Read more...

Which metal detector to choose in 2017? (The best Metal Detectors) 7

Which metal detector to choose in 2017? (The best Metal Detectors)

Now we have entered the year of 2017, and many diggers probably think about getting a new detector for the new season. Some has even already started to dig on the 1st and 2nd of January, and others, like me, waiting for when the end of the wind, the cold and the snow go away. The first fields will be ploughed, and there will be new discoveries. Over the past year I have...