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Beach coin hunting 0

Coin hunting at the beach

Do you like digging for the bottle caps as much, as I do? Actually, every beach digging results mainly in those caps. I know some guys, who don’t even go to the beach for digging: “What can you find there, there are only caps”. Still, any time, when I come to the beach for having some rest, especially early in the morning or in the evening, I see some colleagues,...

Garrett AT PRO on the field 0

Coin hunting on the tilled field

Not so long I’ve found some silver while walking around the tilled field. Why do I like those fields so much? One of the main questions for every digger is “Where to organize the search”? If you’re a newcomer, and have just bought your first detector, willing to try it as soon as possible, I’d recommend you two places: the beach near the river/lake/sea and the tilled field in spring,...

About war relics hunting 0

About searching for war relics

I think that many digging lovers sooner or later start thinking about digging at the places of the military operations, for example, of the World War II times. But before you start digging, I’d offer you to learn couple easy rules. It’s better to dig with a shovel with a long handle, otherwise, if you dig with a short-handled shovel, you can spend really long time opening a next trench,...