SS Shells- Interesting Finds! (Identifying Finds, Photos +)

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  1. Brett Williams says:

    Arrived in the U.S. very quickly and in better condition than I thought. Made an awesome addition to my collection.

    • Detectorist says:

      Wow, Brett, thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it! It’s great you like it!

  2. Marek says: This ammunition was used by the SS to murder Jews in Poland. Here is a movie about finding graves and scales found near Wizna and Jedwabne. You can see these shells at the end part of the movie. The movie is in Polish, so let me summarize it.
    Enthusiasts from the archaeological association Wizna1939 talk about the attack of the Germans on the Russians occupying Polish territories. Wizna was the first, followed by Jedwabne. They talk about the shooting of Jews by the Germans after they entered the area. They tell about the Polish-Jewish community living harmoniously, about children playing together, about common businesses. There is also an interview with Icchak Lewin who also talks about it. BTW in Podlasie (North-East Poland) Muslims (Tatars), Jews, and Poles (Catholics and Rusian Orthodox) live in harmony. Then there is a meeting with a witness, Franciszek Domurat, who tells about the shooting of Jews by the Germans. He’s pointing to where it happened. The story is shocking. Jews were shot with rifles three people at the same time and thrown into the pit. Then three again so that they bumped into the bodies below. And again and again. Then the officers using their sidearms killed those who were moving. After filling with the earth, some people were still alive because the earth was moving…
    Guys from the association begin their search. They find the shells from the Mauser SS-TV DWM 1938. After being sent for expertise, they learn that the cartridges are unique because only 2 lots were produced for the SS. They also find shells from the Parabellum, which confirms that the Jews were finished off by officers.

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