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German “Messerschmitt” raised from a fjord in Norway

On march 24th 1943, a German pilot named Günther Seraphim of the JG 5, suddenly experienced engine failure on his Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-2 “Yellow 3”. The circumstances forced him to make an emergency landing in the water near the Norwegian coast, near the town Rørvik. There, he was rescued from the water by a Norwegian named Olette Blikø and her 16-year-old son, Birger. The plane crashed into the water with its nose...

When detectorists found US Soldier and his photo camera of WW2 era (result and photos!+) 0

When detectorists found US Soldier and his photo camera of WW2 era (result and photos!+)

There was a very interesting operation during the Second World War – the Ardennes offensive of the German troops. It started in middle of December 1944 and ended in the end of January 1945. The idea itself was not bad – a swift blow to crush the armies of Great Britain and the United States in the Netherlands and Belgium, thereby forcing the Western Allies to go to a separate...


Diggin’ WW2 with Garrett ACE 400i

Last weekend I was diggin’ on WW2 battlefield. Battles took place in 1944 year on Eastern front between German and Soviet forces. During the several months of positional fierce fighting this place called by Germans defense line “Tannenberg” became hell on Earth. Till now tons of metal pieces can be found there like evidence of happened tragedies. I took with me Garret ACE 400i detector with standard searching coil and...


Diggin’ WW2 with the Makro Racer 2 (photos+)

After I bought the brand new Makro Racer 2, during a very short time (less than a season, the unit was released in 2016!) it became the metal detector for all my needs. Even though I haven’t gotten down to the beach with it yet, I have dug a lot of coins from the Russian Empire. But recently I went to a place where there were some small battles in...


Diggin’ SS division ‘Nord’ in North Karelia (photos+)

Here is another motivation post for WW2 battlefield in North Karelia (East front). Looks like really nice place for WW2 relics hunting. Enjoy! Rusty German helmets, canteens, bayonets, carbines, etc., right from the lost bunkers and trenches. AT mines’ ‘Tellermine’ holders were collected together by the Germans and left as it was… WW2 relics in the forest… Abandoned many years ago German bunker.   More related posts can be found...


Amazing WW2 treasure! (video+)

In case you havent seen it yet, here is a video from last year where a lucky guy finds an incredible treasure! Among a lot of other cool items he finds a german “Verbandskasten”, which is a medkit from World War 2. Enjoy the video! What an amazing find! The guys who found it are very lucky people:) Want to see more War relic finds? You will find it here! 

Bolshoy Tyuters island WW2 finds artillery wehrmacht relics german nazi world war two 12

Bolshoy Tyuters Abandoned Island – Full Of WW2 Wehrmacht Relics!

A lot of my friends always say things like: “there are no places left for metal detecting, soon we will only be detecting at some local parks and beaches!”. However, I am sure that, at least in Europe, we have plenty of places full of history, and we will need more than 500 years to search it all with metal detectors. We will even leave a lot of cool spots to...


Diggin’ WW2 Battlefield: Courland Pocket (photos+)

Hi there! So far I decided to show You some photos made this year in Courland Pocket by my Latvian colleagues. Enjoy! Rusty German helmet found in forest under fallen tree. Helmet liner still there. Four Panzerfaust 60 firing tubes were found in a mess around former battlefield. On the other side of the tube was visible part of warning: “Vorsicht! Rohr ist immer mit Pulver geladen auch wenn Geschoss...


Diggin’ Russian WW2 Battlefield (Gruesome images+) Part II. SS-Viking positions

Here is another short stunning story with photos about fierce hand-to-hand combat near Rostov city. All ground around was mixed up with artillery shells and bombs. Many from the thousands of brave Soviet and Nazi German soldiers found their death in this bloody trenches. Most of them were buried on the same place where they have been killed by machine gun or artillery fire during the battle in 1943. Well...


Diggin’ Russian WW2 Battlefield (Gruesome images+) Part I. LAH soldier with Athens ring

This was a war not just shiny nazi helmets and mint badges on a lovely display behind the glass cover. There are dead and injured soldiers associated with it. This tragedy needs to be shown in details. No idea where exactly and by whom the bodies were discovered and excavated. I am just leaving this photos here. These bones belong to a LAH Unteroffizier. They were found near the village...