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Gold plated engolpion found in the woods! (photos, price+)

My fellow detectorists rarely detected the fields this season, but you may ask why? Did they lose interest in field detecting, or was it something else? The answer was pretty simple: they moved on to search in the woods. The forest is a place that is difficult to fully “clean” with a metal detector – Bushes and trees prevent you from detecting everywhere, and in the summer you get quickly annoyed and tired...

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What can be found on a European beach with a detector? (Fisher F44 with the Nel Tornado)

Usually, detectorists are divided into several categories – we have the “war-diggers” which digs old battlefields, there are “historians” who digs relics and coins, and there are “beach-detectorists”, who, like to listen to the sound of the waves and answer questions from curious tourists. Some people are a mix between these categories, but they all tilt more to one category. A friend has sent me photos from the summer as he...


Medieval gold coin! (photos +)

Noble – this is the name of the first mass-produced English gold coin. This huge coin contains over 90% gold!? The medieval system counted one noble to be just as much worth as six shillings and eight pence or 80 pence, or 1/3 pound. This magnificent coin appeared in the 1344-1346, the years of the reign of King Edward III and later kings used this coin for over a hundred years. The inscriptions on the early...


Antique gold ring found, and almost thrown away!

Lee R, an amateur detectorist recently made an amazing find. When he was out detecting with his “ebay metal detector” as he called it, he found a very rare ring, estimated to be worth over 22 000 euros! The detectorist had only started detecting one and a half year ago, when he decided to buy a basic detector from the site ebay. He then joined a detecting club, and found...


Gold find with the CORS Giant coil! (Photo, review+)

Hello fellow detectorists! In this article im going to continue my subject on the CORS Giant coil. What has impressed me even more about this coil is its ability to detect very small items. I have been on a few trips with this coil now, and i have muliple times found very small objects. At first when i got the coil i tought that it would detect small objects very badly...


Garrett, Minelab and gold pans! (Competing, facts+)

The amount of  “talk” has increased greatly the last ten years (thanks to the internet), and i think the detectorists have noticed it too. I personally dont like to post and “announce” things like “Fisher is releasing a New detector in August, Deus is coming out with a new model the same month!”, and then we reach September and rumors remains rumors. In this blog we only write checked and researched...


Detectorist finds 700 year old ring

A hobby detectorist found a 700 year old gold ring during a morning hunt in a farmers field in Warrington, England. Patricia, who found the medieval ring arrived at the field at 6am in the morning, and after an hour of hunting she found it.   After she found the ring, she handed it over to the Museum of Lancashire, who found out that the ring could date back to 1,300-1,400AD. Its material is gold with a stone in it...


Sensational gold-find in Norway

Almost half a kilogram of gold, probably Roman, was found in Skaun, Norway Magnus Meistad did the find after detecting late thursday night. The discovery was made in a field in Norway where he found over 450 gram of golden rings. This is a fantastic, unique find, especially for being found in Norway. It is around 450 grams of gold, but still a massive find. These are golden rings stuck together, probably...

huge gold nugget detected Minelab GPZ 7000 0

Gold prospector in Australia finds enormous gold nugget!

So recently a gold prospector found every detectorists dream, a huge gold nugget. The gold nugget weighs more than 4.1 kilograms! It really is a “one in a lifetime” find! It was found in Australia, in an area called the Victorias Golden triangle, a former mining place. The golden triangle was an important historical place for the Gold Rush in mid-1800s. However, people are still finding gold in the area. Last year there...


Gold ducat coin found in Ukraine

Really nice and quite rare gold ducat coin found in Ukraine. It’s Sigismund I of Sweden or Zygmunt III of Poland, dated 1625. Starting bid in auction was about 1000 EUR, now it’s already 2000… let’s see the final value. The same luck to all of you, guys! Other interesting finds see here !