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Gold nugget found with XP Deus 0

13 gr gold nugget discovered with XP Deus

Gold rules the world! Who will disagree? But it is always a nice find when you’ve found gold with your metal detector. And guys from Africa show us how do they find a gold with metal detector, current one is a famous wireless XP Deus. Video is in French, but anyway you will understand how this guys are using XP Deus and accessories for gold prospecting.   Have you found...

Gold rush in Africa 36 oz nugget 0

Gold rush in Africa: gold nuggets and locals photos (really big nuggets! Must see!)

I’ve never found any gold nugget. Because it’s only several places in the world where you can find it and a really big nuggets can be found only in Africa, I guess. Shocked photos of one of the biggest nugget – almost 36 oz (1 kg!!!!) detected with Nokta Fors Gold, guys! Yes, have you ever seen a 36 oz nugget? I don’t believe my eyes, but this is true....