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Men accused of illegal metal detecting at historical site

Two men were caught illegally metal detecting at a historical site in Peterborough, England. They were caught metal detecting in a former Roman town which is a protected site. They were found guilty at Peterborough Court for these criminal actions: attempted stealing, being equipped to steal and using a detector on a protected area without permission.They both recieved 12 month community service, 200 hours free work, and a fine of £300. Do you think they deserved it? The detectorists...

New Patent by First Texas Products fresh brief of pulse induction technology new for metal detecting 0

New Patent by First Texas Products – a fresh brief of Pulse Induction technology?

Do you know, that there are only two technologies in metal detecting – “Pulse Induction” (PI) and “Very Low Frequency” (VLF). Also Minelab has it own FBS and FBS2, but I don’t know how it works and is it an independent technology or just an improvement of VLF? PI is good for high mineralized grounds and many underwater detectors are working on this technology, VLF is common for almost 80%...

Fisher F2 discontinued RIP 0

R.I.P. Fisher F2 (officially confirmed)

Today I’ve got a confirmation, that Fisher F2 is not in production anymore. Manufacturers and retailers call it “discontinued”, but for us, for diggers, coin and relic hunters and hobby detectorists that means than coming soon we will see Fisher F2 only in museums. Last parties will be sold out and another legend will stay in memories. Was it good detector? Must be, if it has found a space on...