The rumor about Minelab

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  1. Terrapoisk says:

    Ha-ha:) There is a nice phrase in Russian: “Оправдываться – лоховство” wich means that self-justification is for loosers. I suggest, all this long text is about this article
    So we never said that Gary was Minelab’s top executive, our phrase should be translated as “one of the top-managers” wich is so. Go-finds is disaster and it’s a fact. Just compare the sales results with garrrett low-end models. Another thing that Gary made – totally chaos in sales channel situation in Russia and killed margin for Minelab products as a result. before accusing us of lying, they should check what actually happens and what all this negative is about.

    • Detectorist says:

      It’s not about terrapoisk blog post as we don’t speak Russian m8 and do not read terrapoisk. Thanks for sharing a link.

      • Terrapoisk says:

        Ok. Probably someone reposted our article with bad translation in English, cause we’ve explored Gary’s movement first and “umbrellas, pens and stickers” was our phrase:)

      • Terrapoisk says:

        Oh, now it’s clear. it was md-hunter who reposted it 🙂

        • Detectorist says:

          yeah you’re right m8. As you know our guys from Russian team will post about Minelab soon here, just take a look:
          Evreything what is going on in Russia is not our topic here as we are not related with it.

        • timjohansen says:

          Yep as Detectorist said we are not reading russian sites, this is the English blog and we have no interest about what Minelab does in Russia, as i say it again this is an English site where we write about “English” news. And about that Minelab-go thing, i cant find anywhere written in english that it was a “disaster” 😉 And i see clearly that this article hit you as the truth and you felt the urge to defend yourself at once not even asking if it was about your article. And about that phrase in Russian that means “self-justification is for loosers”, tell me your comment is not self justification. Better think about what you write next time;)

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