Minelab E-Trac – Though Outdated, But Still A Serious Professional Detector! (Our Review, Photos+)

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  1. Paul says:

    This is an older article, so I hope someone can shed some light on this subject. Minelab and you have reported that the E-Track uses 28 Frequencies ranging from 1.5 kHz to 100 kHz. In this article, you write that it uses all 28 frequencies simultaneously. If this is the case, then the E-Track would be more advanced than the Equinox 800 that can only use 5 frequencies at one time. However, I have read from other forums that the E-Track does not use all 28 frequencies all at once. One person said it only uses 11, and it chooses the 11 based on the frequencies that are giving the best results. Electrical interference and ground conditions alters which frequencies are used. Another person wrote that it only uses 3 frequencies at any one time. So, I guess my first question would be how many frequencies does it actually use at one time? If the E-Track uses more than five frequencies, then why did Minelab cheat the Equinox series? I asked this same question to another contributor and all he could say was the Equinox 600 uses only 3 frequencies and the 800 only 5 frequencies. He said it did not make any since to him to use 28 frequencies all at once. Is this because if you use multiple frequencies they interfere with each other and give a worst result? Some people have suggested that a single frequency machine is best, but the idea of the simultaneous frequency machine was to have a better coverage for both silver and gold on one pass. Does the Equinox 800 lose depth when it is used in simultaneous mode? Is it actually better to detect in one frequency at a time? Is the XP Deus the king of all metal detector because it has so many frequencies to choose from or is the Minelab E-Track actually the king because it can run in 1.5 to 100 kHz (28 frequencies in all) all at once?

    • Detectorist says:

      Hello, Paul! Actually, if we will go deeper to the specs and technology, with Minelab E-Track it has only 1 main freq + about 5-7 additional supporting freqs. It’s difficult to explain, but changing the channel in metal detector you are making a shift of main freq. Main freq in E-Trac is about 14-15 kHz.

      The most important thing in the metal detector is software. Algorithm how metal detector read the ground and read the ground anomalies. The anomaly is a find under your coil.

      With Equinox Minelab made a new technology called Multi-IQ. It works on a different basis than E-Track, so it is wrong to compare them. Overall, Equinox is deeper and due to better software, it has a better performance than E-Trac. I have used these detectors and already found that.

      Regarding the Deus – it is based on an analog system but has a digital algorithm involved, so it gives good results because of software.

      So, that is the only difference. I recommend to use Equinox and E-Trac in difficult grounds and salt beaches, but on a field, you wouldn’t find a lot of difference.

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