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New Metal Detector From Garrett? (Promised The 6th Of May, We Wait!)

The company Garrett has recently rolled out some new detectors, and more are yet to come. The “Ace” line recently received some upgrades – the new Ace 200-300-400, but the AT PRO / GOLD and even the old GTI 2500 has not had an upgrade for a while. But Garrett did not disappoint, promising to show a new detector on the 6th of May.   In the video very little is clear – the new coil is...


V4.0 update is available for the metal detector XP Deus! (Updated!)

The French company XP Detectors has finally released an update for the metal detector XP Deus V4.0. It is now final. Link here. And here is a direct link to the download. A detailed video on how to update your XP Deus. In case you do not know or it is difficult:) A lot is new in this update. More on the XP Deus we gather here! Soon there will be...


New technology from Fisher/Teknetics coming this year?

  Recently, in Germany there was a major exhibition, IWA 2017. This is a huge exhibition of weapons, optics, gear and different Hobbies in the fresh air, mostly active, so metal detector manufacturers were also there. I was trying to find information on the results of the exhibition and i found some about the Fisher/Teknetics. As far as I know, Fisher/Teknetics constantly participates at this exhibition and traditionally announces new products or...


New products from Teknetics — AmeriTEK (only for USA market)

Teknetics made a small teaser on their Facebook page — if you haven’t yet done it, it’s time to subscribe. Here you can find the Teknetics’ Facebook page. There, by the way, you can win a new detector if you already have a Teknetics. You will just need to send them a photo of your find (can be anonymous from the rest). Have you read the news about the drop in...


Goodbye Minelab Eureka Gold!

It is now official that after 20 years of production, the Minelab Eureka Gold metal detector has ceased production. This is due to the release of a new detector, the Gold Monster 1000 , which we have written about here. However, technical support and service will not stop just yet, so that you can hang your Eureka Gold metal detector on the wall of a museum.   Source


Minelab Gold Monster 1000 – a new detector from the Australian company (Photos, video +)

It seems that the company Minelab has begun to update its line of detectors, and this is good news. A new metal detector from Minelab has long been rumored, everyone thought it would be kind of further development of the series X-Terra, but it seems that the pursuit of the not yet fully developed markets in Africa and the Middle East fills the minds of all major manufacturers. Minelab Gold...


The sales of Garrett’s wireless module Z-Lynk has started! (+ Review)

Fellow detectorists, I hasten to inform you: the sales of the new wireless module Garret Z-Lynk has already started in the United States! Soon they are expected in Europe, where dealers have collected pre-orders. MSRP of $ 150 was confirmed. Moreover, I’ve noticed that prices for pre-order from dealers can vary significantly – there are proposals to acquire the module for 130 dollars! ? The set consists of the following...


Metal Detecting Ban Enforced In Mill Creek

A new ban on metal detecting is now being enforced in the Mill Creek MetroParks. The County Detecting Club members are often searching in parks like these, that causing more than 150 members to wonder why they can no longer enjoy their peaceful hobby in the Mill Creek MetroParks. “We would just like to know a reason why,” Mike Borosko, the president of the club stated. “I live near the...


It’s time to upgrade Your Fisher F75 / F75 LTD

New season is coming and it’s time to think about Your detectors and treasure hunting equipment. Fisher Labs, one of the most famous US manufacture offers to make some upgrade to their main professional machine Fisher F75 or F75 LTD. There are different options and corresponding prices provided on the page . There You can find all details and make a purchase till 31st of April 2017. Read more...