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Fisher/Teknetics – News From IWA 2018! (Novelties, Photos+)

Last week in Germany there was an IWA 2018 exhibition, which was originally an exhibition of only arms and for the civil market, but then it evolved into a regular outdoors exhibition in which manufacturers and major players in the civilian products market for active outdoor lifestyle are exhibited. This also includes the manufacturers of metal detectors. Let’s start, perhaps, with the company First Texas Products. As it is known,...


9 “Elite Mono – A New Coil From Coiltek! (New For 2018!)

The Australian company Coiltek announced a new product just today: a new coil mono coil (not DD) with the size of 9 “; the Elite mono coil.   Thus, the company expanded their line of Elite coils, adding a small “pancake” of a rather unusual size – 9 “. They promise to begin the deliveries by May 2, 2018. More details, if there will be, will be added later.


The First Tests of The Minelab Equinox 600/800 and Comparison With Other Detectors!

The first deliveries of the Minelab Equinox 600/800 have already been done and the detectors have fallen into the hands of people who have issued pre-orders for them. How did it end? Naturally, many diggers immediately began to shoot their detecting and tests of the new serial models of metal detectors from Minelab. What the producer has been hyping up for so long, has now happened – the Equinoxes are...


New “Outrageous” Detecting Laws Introduced In Sweden 2018! (News, Information+)

Metal detecting is a very popular and widespread hobby, and in the last century, the number of hobby detectorists has increased greatly. There are a lot of countries where metal detecting is allowed, and in most of these countries, the hobby is very popular. Sweden is no exception for this, but at the start of 2018, there was a new law passed in Sweden that has sparked a lot of...


4.1 Update Available For The XP Deus! (Download File Here+)

So, friends, ladies, and gentlemen! Some time ago (about 6 months ago, approximately), on some sites, a link to the 4.1 update for the metal detector XP Deus was released, but it was quite a crude update and it was called, in fact, something like 4.12. But now, a new update is available, version 4.1, it works and it’s not Alpha anymore, but Beta! It is available for download from...


Karma Coils Are Now Available For The Golden Mask And Nokta Impact! (News+)

As you can see from the first photo – the manufacturer of Karma coils from Bulgaria has expanded its range of supported metal detectors, and now the Karma 13″ coils are available for the Golden Mask series (GM4, GM 5+, and others) and Nokta Impact. For the Nokta Impact, this is especially good news, because, before that, only the unknown producer “BlackDog” was producing coils for the Impact, then they...


A New Metal Detector From Makro On The Way? (New For 2018!)

A Makro Manufacturer recently congratulated all the diggers on the upcoming Christmas and New Year on his Facebook page. He did it as usual with a picture of a future metal detector. And here is what we see: A lady without her mask climbed into the water, saw something and even found it. Apparently this detector is really good! (By the way, greetings to all the divers!?) But in fact,...


Golden Mask 4 PRO S – A New Modification Of The Popular Detector! (Photos+)

Recently, one of our Bulgarian fellow detectorists sent us a novelty – a new modification of the GM4, which is called the Golden Mask 4 PRO S. So far, what is its difference from the other Masks 4 is not called, but I will certainly supplement the post with news. Where to buy Golden Mask metal detectors? It’s a simple – there is an official shop in Bulgaria, “Klondake” with shipping...


NEL And CORS Coils Are Already Available For The Garrett AT MAX! (Good News+)

It seems like the well-known manufacturer of coils to the most known metal detectors on the market, added something more to its production line: coils for a new metal detector for 2017; The Garrett AT MAX! The photo shows the AT MAX with the NEL Tornado coil. I think that with such coils as NEL Tornado, Garrett AT MAX became even deeper, but it did not add much weight because...


New Pinpointers From Minelab – PRO Find 15 And PRO Find 35! (News 2017!) – Updated!

Minelab from Australia recently presented its new pinpointers to the world: the PRO Find 15 and PRO Find 35! This novelty was very much liked by the local diggers, because the price of the model “PRO Find 15” is only 90 euros, and the model “PRO Find 35” is only 120 euros! The PRO Find 15 is a water resistant model, and the PRO Find 35 allows immersion in water...