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Detectorist finds 700 year old ring

A hobby detectorist found a 700 year old gold ring during a morning hunt in a farmers field in Warrington, England. Patricia, who found the medieval ring arrived at the field at 6am in the morning, and after an hour of hunting she found it.   After she found the ring, she handed it over to the Museum of Lancashire, who found out that the ring could date back to 1,300-1,400AD. Its material is gold with a stone in it...


Rare 3000 year old bronze artefact found in Estonia

In Vilyandimaa, Estonia there was recently found a bronze artefact. It is estimated to be around 3000 years old. An archaeologist said that this is a very rare find. This is the 15th time that this kind of artefact is found in Estonia. This item is currently at an archaeological laboratory where they are researching on why it was found in that place, and where it has its origin. In total there were found...


Amazing WW2 treasure! (video+)

In case you havent seen it yet, here is a video from last year where a lucky guy finds an incredible treasure! Among a lot of other cool items he finds a german “Verbandskasten”, which is a medkit from World War 2. Enjoy the video! What an amazing find! The guys who found it are very lucky people:) Want to see more War relic finds? You will find it here! 

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Over 100,000 Coins Found! What do you do with your finds? (Crazy video+)

What do you do with your finds? When I detect and got some good find I leave it for my collection or simply sell it, if I have one. If it’s not a good finds I use it for a metal detectors testing or just make a presents to my friends, relatives, whatever. But this guy, Bill, check him out: He detected more than 100,000 coins (and only coins) +...


Hoard from Fuchsenhof

While coming back to year 1997 I could notice one outstanding find near the little town Freistadt in Austria discovered by the local digger Siegfried Bauer using his detector. This hoard included about 7000 Medieval mostly silver coins and 600 other pieces like rings, small buckles, etc. This find was dated quite accurate on years 1275-1278 when there was a conflict between the King of Germany Rudolf I and King...

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Gold prospector in Australia finds enormous gold nugget!

So recently a gold prospector found every detectorists dream, a huge gold nugget. The gold nugget weighs more than 4.1 kilograms! It really is a “one in a lifetime” find! It was found in Australia, in an area called the Victorias Golden triangle, a former mining place. The golden triangle was an important historical place for the Gold Rush in mid-1800s. However, people are still finding gold in the area. Last year there...


Detectorist finds 2000 years old Roman lead ingot

A metal-detecting amateur found the dream find of every enthusiast- a 2000 years old ingot from the roman empire. Jason Baker, a 31 year old Detectorist stumbled across a 60 cm big ingot at a farm during a detecting rally. He said that he heard a really good signal and that the detector almost went crazy, so he knew there must have been something big there. The romans mined up lead,...


Gold ducat coin found in Ukraine

Really nice and quite rare gold ducat coin found in Ukraine. It’s Sigismund I of Sweden or Zygmunt III of Poland, dated 1625. Starting bid in auction was about 1000 EUR, now it’s already 2000… let’s see the final value. The same luck to all of you, guys! Other interesting finds see here !

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Roman gold coin find – always an event (photos+)

Finding a gold coin is always a big event. Even if it’s a Roman Empire aureus. This coin will be a top find and coin for your collection, that is such story to be told for many times to friends and local diggers. A guy from Ukraine have found such a golden coin and he made a video about it. Just interesting to see how did he get it. I...


Swedish silver coin from 1692 (photos+)

Greetings from the field! A couple of days ago I have found nice quite big silver coin from the Swedish time dated 1692. It was discovered while digging on a farmer’s field near the old village on depth about 30 cm using my Nokta Fors Relic detector. The signal was strong and clear enough! Describing the find it’s related to Charles XI, probably the greatest of all Swedish kings. He is...