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New secret technologies by Minelab? New info about Equinox Multi-IQ and how does it work! (pictures and schemes+) 0

New Secret Technologies By Minelab? New Info About Equinox Multi-IQ And How It Works! (Pictures and Schemes+)

Have you heard about new metal detector Minelab Equinox? Looks like only lazy detectorists had no idea what is it, but, as for now it is not in the sales yet, only available for preorder, we can only guess what is it and how it works. But don’t worry, Minelab guys already posted a short guide about what technology Multi-IQ is and how does it work. Minelab post available here....


British Detectorist Finds Ancient Roman Treasure! (Video, Photos+)

A British man was out with his metal detector when he found something no-one else found before him in England. In Gloucestershire, England, Pete Cresswell and his brother-in-law Andrew Boughton found a small treasure stock of bronze statues from the last years of the Roman occupation of the country. This treasure also contained parts of metal boxes, handles that have been placed on boxes, parts of metal statues, parts of...


Minelab Equinox – A New Metal Detector From The Australians! (New In 2017, Photos, Info+)

The new detector is finally known! Well, on Saturday, September 16, Minelab opened the veil of secrecy. They announced a new detector on one of the world’s largest rally – Detectival. You were not there? And that’s right, it’s more of a local British gathering, and there are a lot of diggers in Great Britain, the benefit of the hobby is developed both in legislation and society is positive about...


The Court Of Minelab And XP Detectors – What Has Happened? It Seems Someone Is Uncomfortable! (Heat!)

It seems that someone has a very uneasy start in the new season. Minelab is quietly suing XP Detectors and it looks like they have some success in this matter. I recently found a document in which a judge from one of the US states passes a small resolution – XP Detectors filed an appeal against Minelab’s applications for using their patented technology, but the court refused them. Link to...


What Will Minelab Show In September 2017 In The UK? (New Detector 2018!)

In September, a great rally will take place in Great Britain, and in our opinion a “meeting” of diggers from all over the place. For sellers, this is a great chance to show themselves and advertise their store, for diggers – this is a chance to spend a pleasant time and buy detecting items cheaper than usual, and for manufacturers this is a great chance to show their public new...


Minelab Safari – A Professional Metal Detector For A Beginner (Review, Photos+)

Greetings reader! One of my fellow detectorists bought himself a Minelab Safari and shared his experience and review of this interesting and not very common metal detector. I thank him for the review and give him the word: What kind of metal detector is the Minelab Safari? Well, finally I got my hands on a professional level device with a rather big price of 700 euros and a so-called model range...


New Coiltek 14 “x9” Coil For The Minelab CTX3030 (New 2017, Data, Photos+)

The Australian Coiltek continues to pull money out of the pocket from rich costumers. Why the rich you may ask? Because one set of the metal detector Minelab CTX 3030 costs about $ 2,000. But the new coil is a little uncertain, the size is 14 × 9 “. It is a pretty standard coil, except for its weight – 985 grams. With this new coil you are promised more finds:...


Teknetics T2 or Minelab X-Terra 705? Which professional detector to choose!

Soon the season will start and it’s time to get a professional metal detector to get around all the good places where you had finds last year. Think there is nothing there anymore? In vain. There will be finds, but they will be found by the first people to get there at the start of the season. Every spring I pick up on many places with lot of coins. Every...


Goodbye Minelab Eureka Gold!

It is now official that after 20 years of production, the Minelab Eureka Gold metal detector has ceased production. This is due to the release of a new detector, the Gold Monster 1000 , which we have written about here. However, technical support and service will not stop just yet, so that you can hang your Eureka Gold metal detector on the wall of a museum.   Source


Minelab Gold Monster 1000 – a new detector from the Australian company (Photos, video +)

It seems that the company Minelab has begun to update its line of detectors, and this is good news. A new metal detector from Minelab has long been rumored, everyone thought it would be kind of further development of the series X-Terra, but it seems that the pursuit of the not yet fully developed markets in Africa and the Middle East fills the minds of all major manufacturers. Minelab Gold...