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Fisher in the mud (Raincovers for the Fisher?)

For me, the covers for Fisher (my Fisher F75) was particularly necessary, because I often dig in any weather, and my kit did not include this accessory. I got my cases through a friend of one craftsman who makes such things at home, and takes not as much as stores from the internet. Maybe it is pleasant to dig when it is hot on a dry lawn, but this happens...


Fisher F75 Unboxing! (What is in the kit? +Video)

So i finally received my Fisher F75, and i made a video of the unboxing! The kit that i bought contained the Fisher F75, Coil cover, rain covers and the Garrett ProPointer-AT. And here is the video itself, enjoy!  


It’s time to upgrade Your Fisher F75 / F75 LTD

New season is coming and it’s time to think about Your detectors and treasure hunting equipment. Fisher Labs, one of the most famous US manufacture offers to make some upgrade to their main professional machine Fisher F75 or F75 LTD. There are different options and corresponding prices provided on the page http://www.fisherlab.com/hobby/upgrade.htm . There You can find all details and make a purchase till 31st of April 2017. Read more...


Fisher F44 – myths and reality (+ Diggers Tips)

I have been detecting with this detector for quite a while, and in different conditions, and, I believe that i know it very well now, so now I want to share my opinions about this device with you. Firstly, I want to definitely recommend this to all beginners – it is very simple and reliable, its large and easily with a readable display, you can easily see and understand all the information...


The first trip with the Fisher F75 (+photos)

A couple of weeks ago we had a rise in temperature, and it turned out to be a great time! I had no trouble finding a place to go detecting, so i went with a friend to a field near an ancient village. This place never ceases to please us with the amazing finds. It is always nice to know that the place ensures interesting signals before going there. As for the settings, i turned...


First impressions of the Fisher F75 (photos+)

I finally got the brand new F75 Detector by Fisher! And just as i got it, there is not the slightest possibility to test the new detector because of the damned frost and snow. To be honest, it did not expect to have so much winter at the beginning of November, but i can’t do anything about it. But in the meantime, I will slowly study the manual of this detector. First...


Garrett Ace 250 and Fisher F44 – comparing metal detectors

A comparison between these different detectors in their class, and with a difference at the age of almost 10 years, and yet in our time of rapid development it is a very long time consuming technology! But I would like to make a comparison, for the simple reason that the Internet has still very little information by the actual users, but mostly by advertisers. Why I decided to compare “Ace 250» (DD Nel Sharpshooter...

New Patent by First Texas Products fresh brief of pulse induction technology new for metal detecting 0

New Patent by First Texas Products – a fresh brief of Pulse Induction technology?

Do you know, that there are only two technologies in metal detecting – “Pulse Induction” (PI) and “Very Low Frequency” (VLF). Also Minelab has it own FBS and FBS2, but I don’t know how it works and is it an independent technology or just an improvement of VLF? PI is good for high mineralized grounds and many underwater detectors are working on this technology, VLF is common for almost 80%...

Fisher F44 metal detector how to set up what settings to use tips and advices 0

Fisher F44 – what settings to use and how to set up (tips and advices+)

Hey guys! As I promised some time ago – I got a couple of digging days and have tested a new Fisher F44 metal detector (click to check all specs). For those who do not follow me yet – I’ve posted about Fisher F44 package and what comes in a kit in these post, take a look to check what was inside of F44 box. Regarding my experience, I want...

Fisher F44 metal detector what is in kit box accessories 0

Metal Detector Fisher F44 – what is in box? (+photo review of kit)

When FisherLab released it’s new detectors line for beginners (F11, F22 and F44) I thought that it must be a good competitor for Garrett ACE series of metal detectors. For many years Garrett ACE detectors were the bestsellers for beginners and a lot of manufacturers tried to compete, but noone has a success at all. I saw in Fisher F44 a real competitor of Garrett ACE 350 (EuroACE) – and...