Fisher in the mud (Raincovers for the Fisher?)

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2 Responses

  1. Tim Rogers says:

    Hi again Tim. Mate, the best F75 rain/dirt covers by far, are either the neoprene ones from Joan Allen MDs in the U.K … …Tel: 01959571255 They cost £25 for both the control box and battery housing box covers, or £13 for just the control box cover, minus P&P. Or the PROTECTORS F75/T2 neoprene and the cordura ones from Wiltshire MDs U.K… 01889564045 / mobile: 07796024042 for £20 the pair. Both are excellent in my opinion Tim. Hope this helps. Regards, Tim.

  2. Joe digger says:

    Wow! I guess that covers are not expensive right? Mate

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