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New technology from Fisher/Teknetics coming this year?

  Recently, in Germany there was a major exhibition, IWA 2017. This is a huge exhibition of weapons, optics, gear and different Hobbies in the fresh air, mostly active, so metal detector manufacturers were also there. I was trying to find information on the results of the exhibition and i found some about the Fisher/Teknetics. As far as I know, Fisher/Teknetics constantly participates at this exhibition and traditionally announces new products or...


German helmets (Identifying Finds, Photos+)

One of the best ww2 finds is unquestionably the German helmet. Of course, depending on the decals and its condition. The sample in the photo above is indisputable from the category of amazing ones only because of the SS decal on the right side. Expert on this subject can argue long about the inexhaustible number of variants, decals, etc., taking up another heap and samples during the First World War. However, in...


Where to dig? (The eternal question)

While the yard is full of snow and it is still winter, I will suggest you to find new places to dig. Constantly I hear this question from my fellow diggers, so I think it necessary to tell you my views on this matter. Where to begin? Let’s look at everything in order. To understand where to go detecting, you need to have the necessary knowledge of local history and...


Goodbye Minelab Eureka Gold!

It is now official that after 20 years of production, the Minelab Eureka Gold metal detector has ceased production. This is due to the release of a new detector, the Gold Monster 1000 , which we have written about here. However, technical support and service will not stop just yet, so that you can hang your Eureka Gold metal detector on the wall of a museum.   Source


The sales of Garrett’s wireless module Z-Lynk has started! (+ Review)

Fellow detectorists, I hasten to inform you: the sales of the new wireless module Garret Z-Lynk has already started in the United States! Soon they are expected in Europe, where dealers have collected pre-orders. MSRP of $ 150 was confirmed. Moreover, I’ve noticed that prices for pre-order from dealers can vary significantly – there are proposals to acquire the module for 130 dollars! ? The set consists of the following...


Why do you need a pinpointer? (Experienced diggers tips)

I remember when I was just starting metal detecting, I did not consider a pinpointer for a necessary gadget to have. I had a metal detector with the standard mono coil, and therefore i did not dig any deep holes. Therefore i often found the target pretty quickly. “And why do we need this pinpointer?” – I thought then. I kept on thinking so until a friend of mine gave me...


First experience with electrolysis (cleaning silver)

At first I was skeptical to electrolysis. I consider this as a”barbaric” method of cleaning. However, I decided to try it. As a test subject i chose the 15 kopeks silver coin 15 from 1926, with a silver purity of 500. The condition of this coin was no good- it was more dead than alive. There was black tarnish on it, which had previously tried to remove with a little citric acid. There was also...


New Underwater Detector coming in 2017: The SAR-1 from JW Fishers!

So i recently came across some very interesting news about one of the new metal detectors that 2017 will bring us: the SAR-1 Search and Recovery underwater detector from JW Fishers! This new and interesting detector is specially designed to be used by safety dive teams, law enforcement groups and military units for locating objects in hard, underwater environments. The SAR-1, like many other underwater detectors, gives a vibrating signal trough the handle of the detector when...


Mudlarking on the banks of the river Thames is not free anymore

Not long ago, the London authorities decided to take money from citizens, digging with or without a detector in the mud on the banks of the river Thames. This “activity” is also popularly called «mudlarking». Now the cost of this “attraction” is 32 pounds per day. But they also made a special discount for citizens of London – 75 pounds for three years of digging! The logic behind this is clear. If...