The Golden Mask 5+ detector – my first impressions (a review of the new product for 2017!)

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15 Responses

  1. Kon Dom says:

    Handle with display should be foldable too, to suit in backpack well.

  2. detector man says:

    Had to send my golden mask 5+ back this week to Bulgaria only used it once on dry sand hot sunny day the main screen kept misting up after 20 mins
    got so bad could not read screen!! sent number off photos off this to them when thy got it back thy said there was no problem and i was lying
    some customer services put me right off buying another one

    • Detectorist says:

      Interesting experience, thank you! What is your metal detector right now?

    • Henry says:

      In my experience, when the outside temperature increases by a few degrees then internal condensation mists up the screen, i ran this past the dealer in Bulgaria who assured me that it was normal, this occurs fairly frequently but I’m happy to say has not yet affected control.
      Set to run 18Khz on low power with no gain and at mid depth using a 9″ coil the batteries last about 8 hours and with a 10.5″ coil about 6 hours tops, i supplement this by carrying the battery pack from my spare gm4 Pro.
      The condensation and high power consumption are the only drawbacks with this machine and in my opinion a small price to pay for the overall performance.
      The 5+ is an excellent detector which registers signals missed by other more expensive makes, fact.
      Believe me you will not be disappointed once you learn how to use it.

      • Detectorist says:

        Yeah, thank you! Learning to use it, it is not difficult to set it up, so will see what it will bring to us!

        • Henry says:

          Not that easy to learn mate, takes time just like anything. Hardest thing as always is recognising coke and false mineral signals, good luck and keep some extra power with you!

        • Henry says:

          An update on your latest experience would be helpful?

      • gandolfi says:


        – Do you prefer 9 or 10.5 coil (depth and discrimination of ferrous) ?
        – I hesitate with the analogic GM4 pro and GM1+ UK.


  3. Jean Baptiste says:

    Do you send to montreal canada?
    How much does it cost for the delivery

  4. Tom Proctor says:

    i had the same misting up problem and returned t Bulgaria where they fitted some silica gel packs.unfortunately this seemed to have disturbed the on/off switch as when it was turned off, after 15-20 minutes it turned itself back on, wasting batteries.
    then it would only turn back on by removing and reinserting the batteries I returned it yet again the Bulgaria where they exchanged it for a new machine
    watch this space when i go out into a fields again !!!!.

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