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Luftwaffe Heinkel-111 Bomber Plane At The Bottom Of The Black Sea (WW2 Finds, Photos+)

There are a lot of different objects and finds left on the earth, and especially underwater, from the largest war in history. And the Black Sea is no exception. The Heinkel 111 bomber plane, the workhorse of the Luftwaffe. They went through the whole war – they bombed Warsaw and Gdansk in 1939, London in 1940, Kiev, Minsk in 1941, Moscow and Leningrad. They were often shot down and it...


Restoring German Helmets With Wax! (Diggers Tips, Photos+)

I recently acquired a very fine piece, an original German M42 Stahlhelm. Now this helmet was in a good condition with the original paint and everything, but I had one question: was there anything I could do to make it look better and add some value to it without destroying it in any way? And does it work for a “dug” German helmet? The answer is: yes! As some of...


German helmets (Identifying Finds, Photos+)

One of the best ww2 finds is unquestionably the German helmet. Of course, depending on the decals and its condition. The sample in the photo above is indisputable from the category of amazing ones only because of the SS decal on the right side. Expert on this subject can argue long about the inexhaustible number of variants, decals, etc., taking up another heap and samples during the First World War. However, in...