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Digging On A Construction Site (With Finds+)

Choosing a detecting location is always difficult – you need to work with maps, archives, location visiting (sometimes in vain), unjustified expectations, and other loss of time, which at one point will turn out to be a great success (Or maybe not). In our “business”, this is always the case. However, do not forget that good finds and locations can be very close to you and that you don’t always...


Excavation Of An Old Inn – Testing The Makro Multi Kruzer (Photos+)

We continue the story of the Inn excavation. The first part can be found here! I want to share my first experience of excavating an old building. Back in the spring, in the midst of the digging season, I went with a fellow detectorist to an “empty” field, and according to the stories of other experienced diggers, a lot of coins were found on this field, mostly royal silver from...


Excavation Of An Old Inn – The First Day And The First Finds! (Photos+)

Well, friends! Summer is the best time for forest excavations because the fields are all sown or not yet cut, so there is nothing left but to go on an excavation trip. And the places where it’s best to go for excavations are places where people used to live, and there are quite a lot of such places. In our case, this place turned out to be among the trees...