Fisher Impulse AQ – A New Pulse Metal Detector With Metal Discrimination! (2019 Novelty, First Photos!)

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  1. Mark A says:


  2. Shawn showalter says:

    So how would this work in hot ground like virgina?

  3. Colin says:

    Why is it so expensive.

    • Cipher says:

      Expensive is relative of course. Relative to most VLF machines it is very pricey. Relative to other pulse machines, particularly waterproof pulse, it’s pretty reasonable especially when you consider that it does some some innovations. Compare it to Minelab GPX machines, Garret ATX etc. It took First Texas quite a number of years to get this ready for prime time or it might’ve been less expensive. I was certainly hoping it would be closer to the TDI Beach Hunter in price.

  4. John says:

    Hi im new to metal detecting would you be able to use on beach and land or just beach

  5. Snakepleaseken says:

    Search for low conductors or search for high conductors…means if you want heavy gold rings(often in the high conductive range) you’ll accept to find iron…again 😑😕like a TDI 😨

  6. John says:

    Hi is this just a beach machine or could you use it on land also

  7. Gonzalodrager says:

    I need more waterproof! At least 5 m
    (I am the videos guy)

  8. Ytcoinshooter says:

    There is a need to hear both high and low conductors without losing the differentiating audio for either. I can’t tell from the specs yet if it will operate this way. The minimum waterproof depth rating should be at least 3 meters for practical purposes. Im looking at the coil attachment wondering how robust it will be to the natural torquing of swinging in deep water, then there is the heavy seaweed that can accumulate. I would not be an early adopter of this detector and the issues that come with a new build or product. I’m a fan of PI’s owning three along with my modded Excalibur 2, CZ21,EQX800 and several land units I use. In the bad red clay and soil in Va. and other states I would think this would work very well. However I want to hear all conductors by audio at the same time or it is no use for me.

  9. Will says:

    will this detector detect platinum ?

  10. Josh Steele says:

    I hate to say this but this new machine will probably fail. #1 they need to make it go more deeper than just 1 meter. # 2 a better coil design #3 a different housing, I can see this cracking if you drop it out of your hands for what ever reason. They should revamp the old impulse unit from the early 2000’s. I loved their old impulse I use to find dimes about 10 inches deep. On the beach back in the day.

  11. Mike says:

    Will there be other coil options available. Small coil option like a 5inch? I like there ideas of low and high conductive options also iron disc has always been a prob with PI machines. Most importantly how does it cope with EMI cause Many sites PI can’t work near power lines at all.

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