The truth about Deteknix Quest series detectors (facts and proofs+, why not to buy Chinese fakes)

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5 Responses

  1. Dave Whitkowski says:

    Where are the ‘Guts’ of First Texas Products made ? I bet in China !

  2. phil says:

    hello, unfortunately i purchased a quest x10 metal dtector and just recently found out that not only is it made in China but they are frauds.
    I am pretty new to metal detecting and was drawn in by the cheaper price.
    I did purchase it from amazon and failed to realize that the seller does not give free returns and only excepts returns if unopend. .
    I feel so cheated and embarrassed. Any ideas on what I can do about the situation in returning and purchasing a new detector.?

    • Detectorist says:

      Just sell it as used detector.

    • SGT says:

      This article is from 2016. Deteknix is now Quest and they seem to have a quality product. Sorry, but I don’t see the similarities the author does in the displays of the two machines. Hatchet job.

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