The truth about Deteknix Quest series detectors (facts and proofs+, why not to buy Chinese fakes)

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  1. Dave Whitkowski says:

    Where are the ‘Guts’ of First Texas Products made ? I bet in China !

  2. phil says:

    hello, unfortunately i purchased a quest x10 metal dtector and just recently found out that not only is it made in China but they are frauds.
    I am pretty new to metal detecting and was drawn in by the cheaper price.
    I did purchase it from amazon and failed to realize that the seller does not give free returns and only excepts returns if unopend. .
    I feel so cheated and embarrassed. Any ideas on what I can do about the situation in returning and purchasing a new detector.?

    • Detectorist says:

      Just sell it as used detector.

    • SGT says:

      This article is from 2016. Deteknix is now Quest and they seem to have a quality product. Sorry, but I don’t see the similarities the author does in the displays of the two machines. Hatchet job.

  3. THW says:

    This is somewhat misleading. The court case against Deteknix was dismissed “with prejudice” which means that First Texas could not bring the same action again. There was no copyright infringement found, although Deteknix agreed to not infringe on First Texas copyright in the future, which any reasonable company would agree to. Both parties were ordered to pay their own costs. Hardly the “win” that First Texas keep telling everyone that it was.

    ORDER ON STIPULATION OF DISMISSAL by Judge Manuel L. Real: Pursuant to the Stipulation of Dismissal 62, it is HEREBY ORDERED that: (i) Plaintiffs’ causes of action against Mao Quan Deng are hereby dismissed with prejudice; (ii) Defendants’ causes of action against Plaintiffs are hereby dismissed with prejudice; and (iii) The Parties to bear their own costs and expenses. ( Case Terminated. Made JS-6. ) (gk) (Entered: 06/29/2017)

    The full court docket entries are here:

    I also don’t see the similarity in the images of the machines displays shown on this site. You could just as easily have put up an image of a Minelab Equinox or Nokta Makro Simplex and draw the same conclusions.

    The truth is that First Texas has simply not invested in the development of technology to keep their machines current. It is easier for them to litigate and tarnish the reputation of their competitors. They even lied by saying that they had won the court case!

    That is not to say that FIrst Texas has not been the target of some serious counterfeiting of their products. But Deteknix/Quest are not one of the offending manufacturers.

    Many of the worlds leading products are made in China. So the country of origin has nothing to do with it. There are plenty of very poor quality products made in the USA, same as anywhere else. Quest makes excellent detectors. The customer service is not great though and that is what lets them down, at least in the USA. In Europe, they are well supported.

  4. Davy Triani says:

    I now only use Chinese made detectors, and for these reasons. 1. There is continuous development of both circuits and display. 2. Any real difference in build quality is very slight if any, most are the equivalent of Western manufacture. 3. Tested against Western products they work just as efficiently. 4. They are considerably cheaper and therefore more accessible to more people. 5. At the end of the day, I want a detector which does the job in the field, and I am not affected by manufacturer snobbery or false patriotism. After years of metal detecting I know that the vast majority of finds are found within the first six inches from the surface, and that even the best junior or kids detectors will locate stuff at this depth. So what is the point of buying a metal detector costing very many times the value of what one is likely to find with it, when a cheaper version does the job just as well?

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