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The “Manufacturer” of Deteknix Has Sunk Into Oblivion (News!)

    Well, then? The story that lasted a whole year has finally ended – the “manufacturer” of Deteknix has sunk into oblivion. The court about First Texas and Deteknix, about which we wrote earlier here, has now ended. Now the Chinese will produce metal detectors under the new brand “Quest Metal Detectors”. An interesting trend: no matter how you will judge the Chinese, where one Chinese disappears, there will...

The truth about Deteknix detectors why not to buy chinese fakes fake copy copies metal detectors 2

The truth about Deteknix Quest series detectors (facts and proofs+, why not to buy Chinese fakes)

Everything today is made in China. Almost every item, but at least it’s designed by a leading designer and manufacturing companies all around the world, but what does Chinese manufacturers give to the world? It’s difficult to find any original item which has been designed and made in China, and an example with the Deteknix company proves it once again. Here is something that Deteknix wrote on their web-page some time ago:...

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Deteknix Quest Pro update and news (hot!)

Hi buddies! Last year we have seen a new Chinese metal detectors manufacturer – Deteknix, oh yeas, that guys have an office in USA, so let’s call them US-China company. That’s always – Chinese manufacturers are quite slow to make their own and unique product, but they will join every business and will start to compete with leaders on market. It happened also in metal detecting business. Deteknix announced new...