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New secret technologies by Minelab? New info about Equinox Multi-IQ and how does it work! (pictures and schemes+) 0

New Secret Technologies By Minelab? New Info About Equinox Multi-IQ And How It Works! (Pictures and Schemes+)

Have you heard about new metal detector Minelab Equinox? Looks like only lazy detectorists had no idea what is it, but, as for now it is not in the sales yet, only available for preorder, we can only guess what is it and how it works. But don’t worry, Minelab guys already posted a short guide about what technology Multi-IQ is and how does it work. Minelab post available here....

New Patent by First Texas Products fresh brief of pulse induction technology new for metal detecting 0

New Patent by First Texas Products – a fresh brief of Pulse Induction technology?

Do you know, that there are only two technologies in metal detecting – “Pulse Induction” (PI) and “Very Low Frequency” (VLF). Also Minelab has it own FBS and FBS2, but I don’t know how it works and is it an independent technology or just an improvement of VLF? PI is good for high mineralized grounds and many underwater detectors are working on this technology, VLF is common for almost 80%...