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Mysterious Ring With The Head Of The Devil (Identifying Finds+)

From time to time, a usual detectorist stumbles across a very unusual artifact. And sometimes the hypotheses of the origin and dating of these objects excite the minds of fellow detectorists so much that you simply marvel at it. And this time this exact thing happened… In the spring of 2016, there was a rumor among the treasure hunters of the Ryazan region that a unique mystical ancient ring was...


Detectorist finds 700 year old ring

A hobby detectorist found a 700 year old gold ring during a morning hunt in a farmers field in Warrington, England. Patricia, who found the medieval ring arrived at the field at 6am in the morning, and after an hour of hunting she found it.   After she found the ring, she handed it over to the Museum of Lancashire, who found out that the ring could date back to 1,300-1,400AD. Its material is gold with a stone in it...


Woman got back lost £10 000 diamond ring

A British tourist was reunited with her precious diamond ring after she lost it in the Mediterranean Sea on holiday. The £10,000 family ring slipped off her finger while she was swimming in deep water. The platinum ring had been in her family for three generations until she lost it. When she came home she contacted a retired diver named George Edmunds. She agreed to pay for his ticket to fly him to Majorca to...