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Which of the cheapest pinpointers to choose? (Deteknix XPointer or Mars MD Pointer)

The detecting season will start soon and many of the diggers will face a dilemma of pin pointer choice. Some good finds are already sold, probably, but you don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on expensive equipment, so take a look at what are the cheaper alternative to the amazing Garrett PRO Pointer AT (really good pointer) and XP MI-6, which will soon appear in stores (there...


What to do when your coil breaks? (Mars MD Tiger example)

Without what can’t you go detecting? Some time ago, I would have said the pinpointer, but recently one digger shared a photo – he went digging with his Makro Racer and lost a coil in the literal sense of the word. He said that he used the coil as usual, without hitting anything, it just fell off. But you still want to continue detecting, right? Nothing else remains but to search the pockets...

Universal shaft of Mars MD review 4

Mars MD universal shaft review

I guess that only lazy guy and hobby detectorist know nothing about new universal shaft released by Mars MD company. Manufacturer of coils and accessories for diggers, main competitor of NEL Coils company, MARS MD released this shaft in 2016 and nowadays we have no any review in English. What is a problem? I don’t know, all I found is this review in German but with English subtitles. MARS MD...