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Garrett Euro ACE metal detector review buy how to use 1

Classic is still alive – Garrett Euro ACE (announcement)

Just a couple of days ago I’ve made an advertisement about sale of my Garrett AT PRO, semi professional metal detector. I wanted to change it for Garrett ACE 400i to write new posts about it only to understand is it a good detector or not. So I’ve offered a pretty expensive price, because I knew that some person who are looking for Garrett AT PRO anyway will write me...

Christ from Aunslev discovered by Garrett Euro ACE 0

Gold Aunslev Cross find with Garrett Euro ACE

I’m not surprised, that another interesting find of new 2016 season is discovered with Garrett Euro ACE. Legendary detector Garrett ACE series became one of the best sellers in metal detecting hobby and it’s not surprise that almost every second interesting find is detected by Garrett ACE model. A guy from Denmark, Dennis H., who used Garrett EURO ACE only three months,  on a 5th minute of his walk on...