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Bredon Hill Hoard (<3000 roman coins)

It is a story from June 2011. Two guys from Redditch (Worcestershire, England), Jethro Carpenter and Mark Gilmour, were detecting on a farmland on Bredon Hill while they found something. At the depth about 50cm there were several sherds of pottery and coins… quite many coins. Yes, it was a big clay pot full of 3rd century coins! When realized it they contacted local Finds Liaison Officer. After a couple...

100 000 coins found while detecting over 20 years metal detecting finds coins 0

Over 100,000 Coins Found! What do you do with your finds? (Crazy video+)

What do you do with your finds? When I detect and got some good find I leave it for my collection or simply sell it, if I have one. If it’s not a good finds I use it for a metal detectors testing or just make a presents to my friends, relatives, whatever. But this guy, Bill, check him out: He detected more than 100,000 coins (and only coins) +...


Hoards of Roman relics being found in England (+history lesson)

Am i the only one who have noticed that in the last time there has been a lot of news reports about hoards of roman coins and relics being found in England? Is it because of new and better detecting equipment or because of more people taking to this hobby? What do you think? For example not so long ago a hoard of over 2000 roman coins and other relics including...