Nokta Pointer pinpointer review (and test!)

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7 Responses

  1. Deepdigger says:

    DeepDiggerDan just have no experience. He is a nice guy, but he is talking about nothing. Useless speach.

  2. Stuart says:

    Think Dan was late getting on board with the Nokta version. Mine has just passed it 1.5 years mark and has not put a foot wrong. Only recently noticed after cleaning a tiny bit of pitting from use in salt water conditions on the top on the speaker which i carefully cleaned off using a cotton bud and some PTFE spray. It is a great design and a great product..when you compare price to similar versions it is an absolute bargain…

    • Detectorist says:

      Yes, Stuart, I’m using Nokta Pointer for six months and I find that device very useful and effective. What metal detector do you use?

  3. David D Allen says:

    My Nokta Makro pinpointer just took a crap. I’ve had it about three years but, until I got a better detector, I have only used it about 20 hrs. As a matter of fact, the battery, I’m using, is the original battery, that came with the detector. Last hunt, I noticed it was getting weaker and missing some metal. This happened for a short time and then it just went dead. I checked the battery, GOOD, but I replaced it anyway with no change.
    While I’ve been debating buying a PulseDive to upgrade before I had any trouble, now, I’m not so sure! If I can’t depend on a simple pinpointer made by these people, I’m not sure I want to spend another c-note for a pinpointer that may take a dive at any time. I am presently using an Anfibio Multi as my main MD so I wanted to get a PP that would synch with my ears on the Anfibio. Apparently, there’s very little the user can do if a unit takes a wrong turn. Maybe I will consider a maker that stands behind their product. The one catch, I love my Anfibio Multi.

  4. Garry says:

    We have had two Nokta pinpointers and they’re still going strong over 3years later, been thru lots of batteries and worn thu the supplied scraper and nose covers but they’re still going strong and they’ve had some abuse. I also have a pulsedive that pairs with the Simplex + and green headphones and that too is a fantastic bit of kit. You may just be unlucky!

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