Nokta Pointer pinpointer review (and test!)

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6 Responses

  1. Deepdigger says:

    DeepDiggerDan just have no experience. He is a nice guy, but he is talking about nothing. Useless speach.

  2. Stuart says:

    Think Dan was late getting on board with the Nokta version. Mine has just passed it 1.5 years mark and has not put a foot wrong. Only recently noticed after cleaning a tiny bit of pitting from use in salt water conditions on the top on the speaker which i carefully cleaned off using a cotton bud and some PTFE spray. It is a great design and a great product..when you compare price to similar versions it is an absolute bargain…

  3. David D Allen says:

    My Nokta Makro pinpointer just took a crap. I’ve had it about three years but, until I got a better detector, I have only used it about 20 hrs. As a matter of fact, the battery, I’m using, is the original battery, that came with the detector. Last hunt, I noticed it was getting weaker and missing some metal. This happened for a short time and then it just went dead. I checked the battery, GOOD, but I replaced it anyway with no change.
    While I’ve been debating buying a PulseDive to upgrade before I had any trouble, now, I’m not so sure! If I can’t depend on a simple pinpointer made by these people, I’m not sure I want to spend another c-note for a pinpointer that may take a dive at any time. I am presently using an Anfibio Multi as my main MD so I wanted to get a PP that would synch with my ears on the Anfibio. Apparently, there’s very little the user can do if a unit takes a wrong turn. Maybe I will consider a maker that stands behind their product. The one catch, I love my Anfibio Multi.

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