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Garrett ACE 400 0

How to use Garrett ACE 400i? Video

Already several months passed since at the exibition I had an opportunity to hold the new Garrett detectors, which were created to replace a truly legendary series of elementary level budget devices  Garrett ACE. The guys from Garrett made a huge job and managed to improve an already simple ACE construction, adding many novelties. Soon the new device series will come into the worldwide retail, and we’ll get more photo/video...

Garrett ACE 200 instructional video 0

How to use Garrett ACE 200 and ACE 200i? Manufacturer’s videos

A Garrett company continues to make us happy with their new production.  It’s very interesting, when the new GarrettACE 200 and it’s International version, which will change GarrettACE 250 (and ACE 250i), will come to the retail, and how many time will it take for the Chinese craftsmen to put the similar novelties out to AliExpress? Though everybody is laughing from the Chinese fakes, still the Chinese will hardly be...

Finds with Nokta Fors CoRe 0

NoktaForsCoRe and a real discrimination test!

How often do we watch the discrimination tests? Especially when some new metal detector is released, and the manufacturer together with the retailers immediately start making videos about different tests – discrimination test, some reviews, excavation of a fake treasure e.t.c. But how can you really check your device for the discrimination? Once my friend and I went for a dig, to explore a new location, where are situated the...