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2 treasures found in Estonia on the one field 1

2 treasures found on the one field! Incredible finds in 2016! (+Photos)

New season of detecting in 2016 is running and we got information about interesting finds discovered in Europe. One is an Aunslev Gold Cross, discovered in Denmark with Garrett Euro ACE. And right now I got an info about impossible finds – 2 treasures were discovered on the one field in Southern Estonia (country close to Finland). I cannot believe, but all info is true and I’m posting a photos...

Gold nugget found with XP Deus 0

13 gr gold nugget discovered with XP Deus

Gold rules the world! Who will disagree? But it is always a nice find when you’ve found gold with your metal detector. And guys from Africa show us how do they find a gold with metal detector, current one is a famous wireless XP Deus. Video is in French, but anyway you will understand how this guys are using XP Deus and accessories for gold prospecting.   Have you found...

XP Deus metal detector 3

XP Deus – all you want to know about professional metal detector by XP

Hey guys! I know, it’s a lot of information about this metal detector, 100% wireless, manufactured and developed by XP company in France, but I want to keep the most important things in one place. Here it will be, air tests of XP Deus, discrimination test and settings. As I know – you should waste a lot of time to learn this detector and understand it’s settings. It has own features,...